What army should i collect next? need opinions!!!!

I want to start a new army but which one. I want the army to be strong good at shooting but also fast and good at close combat anything army similar or nothing like it you can still post a comment below and tell me why the army you think is good i was personally thinking if three races orks, eldar, and blood angles if you have anything different i welcome you to post a comment below thank you

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andlord12 (Over a year ago): - delete
csm, but wait til the 6th of october (new codex ))))!!!!!)

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Xephen (Over a year ago): - delete
Honestly, Tyranids fulfill your criteria perfectly (I'm assuming your a Nid player due to your username). As an ork player, I can tell you that Ork shooty units are rarely fast, but I don't know if you really care about that (Orks are, as an entire army, fast, shooty, and CQB). Eldar are most definitely fast and shooty, but they tend to lack a bit in the CQB category. Blood Angels can be used as a shooty army, but it's really a waste of potential (they are much more CQB oriented). You might want to consider Necrons. Arguably the most powerful shooty army currrently in the game. You can stick warriors or immortals in some night scyths to add some speed to your force, and wraiths make great CQB units.

3000whitedragon (Over a year ago): - delete
space wolves

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I have been thinking on collecting a new army and dont know which army to pick. Help

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