40k map campaign rules

This is the rules for our 40K map campaign, it's based on the Mighty Empires campaign rules and we are using the set aswell, but you don't really need the set to play. Feel free to try it and let me know how it got on.

40k Campaign


1.The Map

First the players deploy their bases. Their base must be at least three tiles away from the other bases.

Players can claim a tile that is adjacent to one of the own tiles. The number of tiles they can claim depends on how well they do in their games of 40k, such as:

Win: If the player wins a game of 40k, he can either claim or conquer two tiles or build another base.

Draw: If the result is a draw, both players can claim a tile.

Lose: If a player loses, he can only try to gain some more Intel points by rolling 2d6x10.

Cities: If a player has a tile with a city, that tile counts as two tiles instead of one.

Mountains and Marshes: When a player tries to claim a tile with a mountain or a marsh, it will count as claim two tiles. For example, if a player can claim two tiles this round and he claims one with a mountain or a marsh, then he can claim no more. P.S You do not count a tile that has a mountain or a marsh as two tiles when counting how many tiles you have!!


Players must choose a event each round. Players cannot choose an event that has already been chosen, unless they have all been chosen. Once a player has chosen an event, he/she/Buckley can not choose t hat event again until they have played all of the events.

3. Battles

Each round players must issue a challenge against another player. Once a player has been challenged, he can not issue a challenge. If two players challenge the same player, then they must fight in a team battle. You must challenge a different opponent every two rounds, for example if Aaron challenges Dean one round, he can not challenge him again until he has challenged two other people.

Battles must been played using the missions from either the 40K rulebook or the cities of Death expansion. Players can also play an Apocalypse mission.

The players must decide on a points limit ie 1000pts, 2000pts 3000pts etc. This goes for team battles as well. For example, two armies of 500pts against one army of 1000pts

4.Intel Points

Every round, players can claim 2d6x10 Intel points for every Base they have. These Intel points can be used to give you extra points in your games of 40k (250pts maximum.) For example 1 Intel point = 1pt.

P.S When using Intel points in a Apocalypse game, these extra points do not give the other player extra Strategic Assets, as this represents the army getting fatal intelligence.

5. Sequence of Play

1.Determine Largest Empire
To determine the largest empire, simply count how many tiles each player has, if this is tied, count how many bases the players have, if this is tied then Just simply roll for it. The largest empire receives an extra 100pts in their games of 40k. This does not count at the start of the campaign, just roll to see who gets to pick events, challenge players and claim tiles first.
2.Choose an event
Start with the smallest empire
3.Intel Points
4.Challenge Phase
6.Claim/conquer Phase.

The first player to claim 10 tiles is the winner!!


1 Scouts
In any battles you fight in this round, your opponent must deploy their army first and you get first turn.

2 Diplomacy
Pick one player, That player can not issue you a challenge this round.

3 Elite army
In any battles you fight in this round your elites count as scoring units!

4 All or nothing
If you win your game of 40k, you will get to claim/conquer an extra two tiles, but if you lose or draw, you will do nothing in this round.

Before you start your game, pick one HQ choice from your Opponent's army, on a roll of 4+ you inflict D3 wounds on it with no saves.

6 Spies
Your opponent must write his army list and show it to you, before you make yours.

7 Double Agent
Pick one player, on a roll of 4+ you may choose who that player challenges this round.

8 Jammers
Pick a player, that player can not claim or spend any Intel Points this round

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Jombo (Over a year ago): - delete
Next time, remember to change back to your other account to make a change. Duh Duh Duh DUUUUH!

Jombo (Over a year ago): - delete
Dude. You commented on your own comment to make it sound better. That's weird. Why do you have two accounts anyway?

Cmndr-Awsm (Over a year ago): - delete
I forgot to mention that when people team up against someone it shouldn't it be 2x500 vs 1x100 it should be 2x100/2x500 vs 1x100/1x500 so that if you get teamed up you are forced to call for help from an ally?

Cmndr-Awsm (Over a year ago): - delete
Sounds like an awsome campagin!
i think i might try that with some friends

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This is the rules of the 40k campaign that my friends and myself are going to play.

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