Tutorial for Evergreen trees!!!

Ok, first of all I'd like to apoligize for my camera being a bit random so unfortunatly no pics or video.(Might add them later)

A cuple of days ago, actually more like months, dad had found an old mini-train tunnel thingy and I said i wanted to pillage it and so he gave it to me. Anyhow on it I found a evergreen like tree(started looking on it yesterday) and it was made from two steelwires and something fakegrassish thing. And so i found a way to make my own trees.

Stuff you're gonna need:
#1 iron-/steel-/etc wire or 2 paperclips
#2 paper(the hard stuff you get in preschool, comes in a varaity of colors)
#3 Scissors and something pliers like for the wire
#4 green & brown paints and a brush
(#5 if you need to shape the branches a bit: a spray with watered down pva-glue)

#1 take your wire and make a wire twice as long as you want your tree
#2 bend it on the middle
#3 paint it brown
#4 while you wait for it to dry, water down green paint and paint the paper "VERY GENEROUSLY"!!!!!
#5 once its dry take you scissors and paper and clip 1mm wide and varied lengths(they are going to fit nicely inbetween the space of the steelwire) you are going to need about a 200 of these.
#6 place them(the paper lenghts) in a cone shape inbetween the wire ends then grab both ends with pliers and twist it(the wires are going to form a spiral and the paper will stick out like branches)
#7 clip off the ends of the wire so that only the area with branches remain
#8 paint the ends of the tree so the metall dont shine through
#9 spray the "tree" with watered down pva glue and pull the tips of the branches down

Might take a couple of tries before they look realistic

Thats it! hope i explained well and hopefully my camera will work soon so i can post a vid.

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darkmessiah (Over a year ago): - delete
soz dude but without pics its kinda no good

Triker (Over a year ago): - delete
Sry guys but as I mentioned cameras broken

Belial (Over a year ago): - delete
pics pleaase
but sounds pretty easy and well might try it
but just some pics please

Rahn (Over a year ago): - delete
sounds good - i think i might use this but do you have any pictures of trees you have made?

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Saw this Awesome fir and evergreen forest and had to make on!

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