The unseen enemy

The Eldar shot their Shurikan weapons at the Space Wolves quickly, as they knew they would soon get killed and decided to take the enemy down with them. The Sky claws flew through the air then dived down slashing at the Eldar with their Chain swords. The Blood claws charged at the aliens and shoved their blades through the available enemy. Njal storm caller created a blizzard that swept down on the Eldar freezing some to death whilst Canis Wolfborn on his Thunder Wolf charged into the very middle of the fighting slammed a wall of sand bags to the ground allowing the Space Wolves into the middle or the enemy. Finishing his Blizzard Njal charged at the Eldar and whipped out his Bolt Pistol and put a bolt through the skull of an Exarch into blobs of flesh and gore. The Sky Claws soared up again and looked around the bunker that the Eldar were protecting. Two of the Space Wolves went down and found a hole. Looking down they saw nothing but darkness. Looking around the Sky Claws saw a bright green glowing object. Looking at it they saw it was a weapon of some kind. Suddenly a huge swarm of beetle like creatures came out of nowhere and just as the Space Wolves noticed it the beetles swarmed over one of the Space Wolves.
“Get them off me! Get em off of me you idiot!”
Screamed the Space Wolf but his comrade took one look at the Space Marine getting devoured by the creatures and soared into the air to get help.

When more Sky Claws came into the bunker they found an empty suit of power armour with no Space Wolf to be found. Looking at the weapon they found it to be a Necron weapon, a Gauss flayer. The Space Marines peered down the hole but saw nothing.
“What do you think happened then?”
Asked a young Space Wolf
“A Scarab Swarm devoured him is what I reckon.”
Replied a veteran. A Sky Claw threw a grenade down the hole. They heard the object bouncing of the walls for a few seconds before a faint explosion was heard.
“It didn’t hit the bottom, did it?”
Said a Space Wolf. Suddenly a metal warrior stepped out from the shadows and blasted a Space Marine with a Gauss Flayer. More of these things stepped out of the shadows and soon there was nothing in the bunker but Necrons. Striding out of the bunker the Necrons killed anything that was not a Necron.

The Space Wolves and Eldar were taken by surprise as the Soulless warriors strode out shooting their Gauss Flayers at Space Wolves and Eldar alike.
“We cannot defeat the Necrons when warring against each other Eldar, We must make an allegiance before we all are destroyed!”
Spoke Njal to the Eldar farseer as they fought against one another
“Only if you let us leave in peace.”
Replied the farseer.
Roaring the Eldar and Space Wolves clashed with the Necrons.

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The Space Wolves and Eldar clash only to find another enemy.

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