The ruined city part 1

Treading quietly through the ruined city the Imperial Fists looked around warily with their bolters at the ready for any of the vile enemy which infested the world.
Shouted First Captain Lysander at the front of the force. He saw a Shape in the shadows of a wrecked building and recognised it as an ork, possibly from the Deffskullz clan. He blasted a few rounds at the ork but the ork simply backed into the shadows and disappeared. Grunting in annoyance Lysander, with a squad of Terminators strode into the building and looked around. There was a shout from behind and a sound of a bolter being fired. Looking around Lysander saw an Ork and instantly knew who it was. There giving a toothed grin was Kommando Snikrot holding his two blades. Lysander knew that Snikrot was not one of the Deffskullz clan and realised that there was a serious "waaagh" brewing. Charging at the ork with his power hammer raised he smashed a well aimed blow at the ork who somehow jumped out of the way and responded with two strikes at the Chapter Master with his knifes “Morks teeth”. The Terminators assisting Lysander charged up to the Kommando who then realising he was at a disadvantage disappeared into the shadows. Looking around for any more orks Lysander found a Dead Salamander Tactical marine who had been stabbed several times. Walking out of the building Lysander resumed his position at the head of the Imperial Fists and continued his march forward through the city. The Imperial Fists heard something that sounded like Space Marines marching. Instead of moving to see the Space Marines in case they were Salamanders the Imperial Fists moved into cover with their weapons in a firing position as the planet had Chaos Space Marines on it.
Signaled Lysander and a sound of clicks and guns being loaded was heard as the Space Marines aimed. Striding through the broken down road came about three squads of Chaos Space Marines all Red Corsairs in their blood red armour. There was a silence for a moment that was broken by the noise of Lysander yell
The Imperial Fists pulled their triggers and took the Red Corsairs by surprise. The Corsairs returned fire as well as they could but they were in the open and outgunned.
“Blast the Traitors to hell!”
Yelled Lysander at the top of his voice over the sound of the Devastator squad blast an entire squad of Red Corsairs to pieces. The Red Corsairs were finished off by a hail of bullets coming from the barrel of a heavy bolter.

The Imperial Fists carried on their advance through the ruins and came across a blood soaked area of ground. There was a huge number of Salamanders bodies but a larger number of Red Corsairs. It seemed like the Salamanders had to retreat for some unknown reason and the Red Corsairs had claimed victory. Looking around the Imperial Fists were horrified by what they saw. Some of the dead Salamanders had been cut into pieces and others had been disembowelled. The Captain of the Salamanders had been chained to a rock apparently alive. The Rock had the mark of chaos hastily scribbled on and the Ink seemed to be human blood. The Captain whilst alive had his limbs broken and his insides taken out and there was no sigh of a bullet wound.
“This is Desecration, Vile Desecration.”
Muttered Lysander. He and his men then heard clicking and snapping and saw a horde of Tyranids running towards them. Captain Lysander told his men to load and get ready for hell.
“Avenge the Salamanders!”
Yelled Lysander and led the bloody charge with his hammer raised.

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nerdyone101 (Over a year ago): - delete
NICE! a lot is going on orks, tyranids, eldar, space marines. i'd like to see some reasons why the fight is going down. 5*****

Goobot (Over a year ago): - delete
I hate to be THAT guy, but Lysander is First Captain of the Imperial Fists, not Chapter Master

catkitten (Over a year ago): - delete
Great story well worth the wait 5*****

TauofMontKa (Over a year ago): - delete
This awesome man! Can't wait till the next part! 5/5

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part 1 of the celebrationary story.
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