The legion

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Published on: Mar 23, 2010

Short story about 40kk :D

GAME: Warhammer 40k

TYPE: Other

ARMIES: Imperial Guard, Space Marines

Just a short story that I made up in about 20mins. No particular purpose, just to share it with you guys. I hope to write a few more or maybe make a little ongoing series Hope you enjoy. Rate and Sub!

Pain seared through his body, burning his mind and tearing at his nerves like a knife. His hand shot down to the remains of his once perfect leg, which now lay in shreds hanging limp off his calf. A thick, warm liquid gushed onto his hand and the floor; he knew instantly what it was. His vision started to blur, the battlefield looking twice as terrifying with double the amount of orks. The battle cries and screams that pierced the night sky started to fade, until he could only make out his own heartbeat, which did nothing to settle his nerves; for it was slowing at an alarming rate.

He vaguely registered an armoured fist grasp his shoulder, and drag him to the safety of a nearby barricade. The unknown liberator opened a flask fastened to his belt, and let a little of the liquor inside dribble onto the guard’s lips. The man’s senses started to return, his hearing and sight clearing, the battlefield resembled normality again, if this insanity could be considered normal. He turned slowly towards his saviour, and nearly went back into his state of shock. Before him knelt a Space Marine. Clad in jet black armour adorned with skulls, bones – and flames. A warrior of the damned. The legion of nightmares, the legion of terror, the legion of the damned. And then, all too soon, his fantasy ended as the barricade behind him exploded in a mass of splinters and flames.
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