The Golden Brotherhood Short Story Part 1

Hi fellow miniwargamers. This a short story I wrote about my elite warband, The Golden Brotherhood. in the 39th millenium they were the Black Legionares. I hope you like it. Also, this has nothing to do with the main characters of the Horus Heresy. This is the history of my warband. The two main characters are the founders of my warband. Oh and if you run Chaos, feel free to join us. Together, we can make it well known and much stronger. The scheme is Black Legion with 1 Golden shoulderpad, and a lot more gold + no silver. The story begins when Blood Angels and the Imperial Fists board the flagship, The Invinclible Will at the end of the 39th millenium.

Luc Kruvus, Captain of the 16th comapany of the Black Legionares, stood with his best friend Tybalt Firegaurd, Captain of the 7th; in his chambers aboard the flagship, The Invinclible Will . Suddenly, the battlebarges's alarm blared overhead. The loyalists had broken through.

"For the Empreror!", cried the loyal Astartes as they boarded the flagship.

" Its the Emperor's little play toys.", muttered Tybalt as he brandished his powersword, but Luc was already gone. Tybalt soon darted down the hall after him, ready to defend Chaos Lord Bronzeka. Within a few moments, they had reached the main bridge, where a lone squad of Imperial Fists blocked the entrance. " Death to the Flase Emperor!", they cried as the bolted through the hail of bolter fire. Together, the two of them massacred, shreding up the squad with their briiliant swings. Within seconds, the Imperial Sergent stood kneeled at Tybalt's feet, and felt nothing as the powersword decapitated him. " Good work.", Luc remarked as they continued towards the Chaos Lord's Grand Hall.

What was truly minutes, seemed like hours to Luc and Tybalt as they past countless amounts of corridors. Then as the duo approched the entrince to Lupercal's court, they noticed a disturbing figure. It was the dead body of Lev Gosmand, a sergent under Luc's command. The sight nausiated them and they continued in towards the court. Once inside, they jumped head first into an enourmus battle. Astartes fell left and right as the Sons of Horus tried to hold off the tide of determined loyalists. Luc and Tybalt, were in the center of the fighting, expertly mowing down Astarts from the Blood Angels and the Imperial Fists. Then,a Blood Angel's Librarian bursted through the ranks of the enemy and charged straight at Tybalt and Luc, his spearlike staff whirling in a deadly arc. Luc's blade caught the staff, mid-swing and they began their dual. Both fought with amazing skill, but after a few moments, the Librarian pressed his attack, slowly pushing Luc back until Tybalt joined the fray. Together they dodged, parried and struck at the Librarian, but he was to strong. With a quick leap, he caught them by suprise and managed to land a kick on Tynalt's helmet, sending him backwards. With him momentarily immobilized he continued to supress Luc. Luc fought as hard as he could, but he was soon bested, as the Librarian disarmed him and prepared for the killing blow.

Meanwhile Tybalt recovered, and in a desperate attempt to save his friend, he flung his powersword at the Librarian. Tybalt's sword struck the Librarian's neck, piercing his armor and saving Luc. And then, the battle was over; every last one of the loyalists lay dead. Together, the remaining Black Legionares fought to enter Bronzeka's seat of power. The battle was short and soon Luc and Tybalt had gained access. They warned the Chaos Lord, of the enemy commander, but before they could finish, the Imperial Leader himself entered the room and Bronzeka cast the body of a loyal Terminator Veteran to the floor. As the two of them made eye contact, the room broke out into chaos. The two groups began the combat, right as their leaders did. Luc of course, killed the first loyalist, his powersword impaled in the warrior's groin. Tybalt followed his example, quickly slaughtering any enemy Astartes who dared ventured near him. Then, another Librarian met his gaze and charged. Tybalt smiled wickedly and unsheated his hidden Plasma Pistol, known as The Golden Flame. The blast made a crater in the Librarian's brain, ending his charge for good. Tybalt laughed and began batting once again.

Meanwhile, Luc was fighting a battle of his own against a Imperial Fist Captain. The two of them traded blow after blow, dodging, parrying, and slicing with equal amounts of skill. Luc rained blow after bolw on to his opponent, but his defence was just as good. Then Luc's insticts took over, and he fliped backwards, digging his foot into the face of a Blood Angel, and using that momentum to leap forward, over the enemy Captain. As he was in mid-air, he spun around flinging his knife at the Imperial's face as he turned. The knife struck home, as the Captain staggered and fell to the floor. Once again, he was victorious.

Then, the final moments of the battle began as the last of the loyalists poured through. Still, Tybalt, Luc, and the Sons of Horus fought with all there might. Suddenly, the Terminator veterans of the Imperial Fists thundered through what was once the grand entrance to the Warmaster's Headquarters. Their prensence would surely sway the course of battle, thought Tybalt. Luc however, was not a thinker, he would charge straight into any battle, no matter the odds. So Tybalt quickly pursued Luc, knowing that Luc would surely need backup. Together the two brave captians fought the Terminators, desperatly outmatched as they treid dodging their glowing powerfists.

Soon, Luc was on his knees. He had lost all hope and was too tired to fight on. Tybalt, however, saw his friend in danger and would not rest until they found safety. Then with Luc, knocked out on his back, Tybalt attempted to flee. Even with an injured friend on his back, Tybalt was still mighty. Slowly pushing his way out, Tybalt decapitated, and imapled those who tried to stop him. Quickly through the vox, he signalled a order of retreat to all Astarts under Luc and his command. Finally, as they neared the exit, Tybalt stopped. His eyes peered from left to right, and saw no way out, no way of getting towards the exit. Quickly, he set Luc down and sprinted towards the nearest wall. In his last attempt to ecape he flung a meltabomb towards the door and quickly ducked for cover. He then grabbed Luc and they headed towards the breach.

Then as Tybalt, Luc and their comapnies exited, they heard a cry of pain. Lupercal had fallen. Quickly seizing the moment, they boarded their Thunderhawks and headed for Tybalt and Luc's ship, The Spirit of Brotherhood.

Thanks for reading Part 1. Part 2 will be posted soon. Please comment and if you notice mistakes, let me know so I can fix them. It took me an hour and a half to write this for you guys. Thanks and please subscribe so you never miss and update on the story.

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nicknoo (Over a year ago): - delete
oh and also chaos space marines dont really have friends

nicknoo (Over a year ago): - delete
good story but you seem to put everything against the imperials to be realistic the imperials would have scored alot of casualties against chaos good story though

Zhanke (Over a year ago): - delete
pretty good, but I doubt chaos marines would be sickened by casualties though

BlackReach (Over a year ago): - delete
there much better!

BlackReach (Over a year ago): - delete
even though it was well written, it was kinda stupid. Horus? REALLY?! Yur legion is nothing to do with the heresy and will never be b cuz, abaddon never had a bodyguard legion at the time of heresy. He was a captain of the Sons of Horus.

BlackReach (Over a year ago): - delete
good story

Arrow33 (Over a year ago): - delete
nice story

khainelord (Over a year ago): - delete
omg so good just need to introduce background a bit more

kcajrenreb (Over a year ago): - delete
Nice writing, looks very professional, should I post any fluff on Jakka Jakka?

Chaos-Ruler (Over a year ago): - delete
Cool i like it

bolterangel (Over a year ago): - delete
never mind about sps, i thought exited was supposed to be excited


bolterangel (Over a year ago): - delete
not bad, but a few sp errors

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This is a fluff I made about my warband and its founding. I hope you like it.

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