The Giant!

This is my GIANT! What fun it was to paint this guy. Not a lot of conversions or anything but a lot of small details.

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MYGUNZBURST (Over a year ago): - delete

anne-23 (Over a year ago): - delete
I really like your painting scheme and I love the little hobbit guy in the back bag.

Warpaintguy (Over a year ago): - delete

The flesh was done in three layers and then washed with gryphone sepia. the layers are; tanned flesh, dwarf flesh and elf flesh. My giant was fielded twice. one time it did good and 1 time it did terrible. It now has a permanent place in my display

Narcosis090 (Over a year ago): - delete
painting is awesome !!! how did you make the flesh ?...but in the game the giant is crap, he can go down from shooting in the first round of the game...shaggoth is a better choice...but your giant still looks great

weetywee (Over a year ago): - delete

dkesic (Over a year ago): - delete
Awesomeee paint job! TerrainsGalore loves it!!!! 10/10!

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This is my GIANT! What fun it was to paint this guy. Not a lot of conversions or anything but a lot of small details.

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