The 39th legion incident

"Crisis battle suit to the right flank!", Lenar's second in command yelled over the sound of the constant firing of plasma rifles. The platoon commander's warning rang true as a blue streak of deadly energy pounded the 39th legion's entrenched ranks. Lenar and his troopers had been camped out for days, waiting on this desert world for a tau force to arrive, and they had come. "We'll let them feel the might of the emperor's hammer.", the commissar thought menacingly. He gave the order for a leman russ to fire its battle canon and his troops cheered as fire warriors were thrown in every direction.Commissar Lenar then readied his power fist and charged at the nearest battlesuit.

Hope you enjoyed that random battle scene! I just had a battle against a friend of mine. He was playing orks and I decided to use my death angels rather than my orks. It was 1200 points, and the mission was anniahlation. Turn one was a bit of a bore. I shot my 3 missile launchers into 2 squads of boys and only managed to kill a few because scattering. He moved up and shot rokkits with his deffkoptas and killed a scout. On turn two he called a waugh and one of my two tactical squads were wiped out thanks to 30 boys. But by the end I had won. I killed his warboss, a squad of boys, a squad of nobs, and a warboss. He killed a dreadnought and a tactical squad.

Happy wargaming!

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alal249 (Over a year ago): - delete
You should do a short story off of that scene I would read it

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Commissar Lenar encounters the young Tau empire in this short fan fiction scene. Also a rundown on my battle last sunday. Please comment and rate.

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