Tervigon WIP

Hey miniwargamers!
Today I am very pleased to introduce to you my first in progress pictures of my Tervigon.

Here's the picture for starters, if that's all you came here for then i hope you got what you were after but if you were interested in the 'how, what or even why that'l be included down below.

An Image

As you can see I am using an Arachnarok Spider as the firm base for this model and the torso you see there is a Trygon/Mawloc torso i bought a little while ago. After going through several tutorials on the internet in general, I was getting a little bit bored with the classic carnifex conversion and decided to scale up my endeavour. Having seen a similar Arachnarok conversion but using a carnifex torso in a more vertical 'centaur' position, I became convinced that a hulking monster would look much cooler.

What you see is basicly what you get at the moment. The torso has been glued right above where the spider's head should be and with some extra spure to secure it in place it turned out to be quite a solid fit. I will have to go back and do a little filling with green stuff over and above the join but it is minimal in comparison to what i was expecting.

As for the why? I would have to refer you to Matt's Tyranid battle reports and see how weel his Tervigons do to answer that question. I'm sure it will be pretty self explanitory.

Well there you have it guys. This is pic number one of my progress. I have actually added a birthing tube to the underside as well as extra tyranid armour plating since this picture was taken so they will hopefully be up as well soon.

Thanks for tuning in guys and please leave any thoughts, comments or critiques (constructive one are always the best) and I will read every single one of them. This is a big project so any help would be appreciated.

Happy Wargaming!

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wolf164 (Over a year ago): - delete
Like the idea of the alternate conversion style. Maybe add some more tyranid bits to the Arachnarok body just to make them flow together or add some spikes to the Trygon body. Hope to see the next stage of this project of yours. Good luck.

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A tyranid tervigon birth machine im building from several kits

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