Tau Vs Marines Turn 3 Annotated

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Militantcheese (Over a year ago): - delete
Once you guys have got your first few battle reports done and worked all the teething problems I think you guys will have a really awesome form of battle report
wiseguy96 (Over a year ago): - delete
I beleve the Space Mariens will always win for they are withe the emporor and they know no fear
LordWalrus (Over a year ago): - delete
Only armour 10? How to you think Dark Eldar feel trying to squish those juice fire warriors... If you were worried about it you could have just movet them 33ish inches so the fire warriors were out of range... and pummeled them with bolter rounds
CoolGuysWhoSitatHome (Over a year ago): - delete
dear Stav1369 that is not the new mic it is the old mic farther from our mouths Dont have the new mic yet
stav1369 (Over a year ago): - delete
the new mic crackles!!

good video if you add other options in camera views like you mentioned it will be really good.
All round good report.
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Aaron and Marc Try out more talking and freeze frame. let us know what you think.

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