Tau Empire Short Story

So, just as I'm not the best Warhammer painter, I'm also not the best writer. This is another attempt to rid of my boredom (and it did in fact work!) so just tell me what you thought about about it and give me some advice for next time.

Shas'Ui Bork'an Ryuu lifted his helmet from his head and took a breathe of fresh air through his nostrils. The small amount of armor he wore felt as if it were a thousand pounds. His sore muscles could only take so much more before he falls over.

"What have I gotten myself into?" He asked himself, "This mission seems impossible with the amount of jungle there is here!"

Ryuu wanted to just leave his team behind, maybe even crawl up in a corner in just die. He studied view of the jungle that he had from the ledge he was on. A sea of green with gargantuan mountains rising up over it randomly throughout the sea. Ryuu rubbed his pale-blue face and walked over to the rest of the group. They were sitting around drinking water and telling jokes as they rested their aching legs.

There were 7 pathfinders, 8 in total, Ryuu noted, and all of them will most likely die battling the ruthless Catachan Jungle Fighters. We've already fought off two teams of Catachans, and nearly lost one of their team members, Ryuu thought as he watched the one armed pathfinder lift his canteen for a drink, I can only hope that I make it through this week...

Two days later...

Ryuu pinned himself up against a tree and readied his pulse-carbine.

"Shas'Ui, we've made contact up ahead!" Croaked the comms-networker, "There's about 25 Catachans and we've lost one in their ambush!"

"Copy that. The rest of us are coming to your location. Fight them off for as long as you can."

Ryuu bolted from around the tree and sprinted up hill, two other pathfinders following closely behind. Damn... He thought, We're down to seven pathfinders... I'll be lucky if I still have a team of 3 by the time we've "cleared" a path.

Ryuu was able to make out Catachan Fighters off in the distance who were just in range. He saw a markerlight beam go down through the forest and land on a Catachan.

"Thanks, Shas'la," Ryuu said before taking aim and blasting a hole straight through the Catachan's head. More firing from Ryuu and the two other pathfinders continued to mow down Catachans. Ryuu blasted a few pulse-carbine rounds into a charging enemy, sending the enemy's army flying and blood and guts to stain Ryuu's armor.

"Gah!!" a scream was let out over the comms-network. Ryuu's eyes darted around the battle zone only to see a Catachan about to slice open one of Ryuu's men's neck. With split second reaction time Ryuu spun around, raising his pulse-carbine as he went, and and shot the head of the Catachan right off. But Ryuu was a split second too slow. The Pathfinder fell to the floor, blood jetting from his neck and spraying Ryuu.

He looked down at the blue-ish tinted blood that covered him. And suddenly, feeling, so intense, it almost seems impossible to describe, came across his body. It was like an adrenaline rush, only it was so intense, that Ryuu couldn't move, and he could only hear the faint screams and gun shots that surrounded him. His vision was blurred and stretched, and soon, he went numb. It was only then did Ryuu realize, that in the split second that it took for him to look down at the blood that covered him, he had been shot, right through the back. And now, he was on his knees in shock, completely bleeding out. Eventually, his vision went black, and he fell to the floor. Lifeless. Cold. Dead. Shas'Ui Bork'an Ryuu had fallen in battle.

I know that was a pretty crappy ending, but I didn't know what to do with it after this so I decided to kill him off and end it. Sounds kinda like 15 hours.... Only 15 Hours was really good. Anyway, suck-ish and sad ending. THE END.

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wanweird (Over a year ago): - delete
@falco1663, Yeah that probably would've been A LOT better than just killing him off and being done. Thanks for the advice and I might try something similar next time I write a short story.

falco1663 (Over a year ago): - delete
i thought it wasn't bad- i would have had his team die, leaving him to run for the hills when the odd guardsmen shot hit his leg and as he bled out, he could faintly see about 100 kroot mercenaries leaping onto the emperial foes from the trees, guardsmen getting ripped in half by burst cannons... then he knew he had temporarily won the war... then the lights fade and all that other stupid stuff.........

wanweird (Over a year ago): - delete
Oh and I forgot to put in there that I didn't feel like revising it so there's probably a lot of repeated words or misspelled words.

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Shas'Ui Bork'an Ryuu has been chosen to lead a small group of Pathfinders to scout out a clear passage through the jungles of Veridian.

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