this is a very short `thing` I`m doing.
Please give me suggestions on what to do next!
If anyone wants to suggest a battle report or a new seriies to me, go ahead and post a comment! Also, please tell me the series`s you are enjoying and the ones you aren`t. I will focus more on the fun series`s.

So, post a comment and tell me what you would like!

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patsimens2 (Over a year ago): - delete
What race on the tactica?
And sorry, I will be only able to do tactica on the old necrons because they havnt been released

Atzunew (Over a year ago): - delete
@hthehidden how can he make a tactica about beating the new necrons b4 they are released %u203A.%u203A The existing tactias will still be effective, they are not going to be a complete 180 in rules and such.

OT: Iwould say mabye some more batreps, I like how you do yours.

hthehidden (Over a year ago): - delete
Make videos on how to counter the new necrons

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Please give me suggestions on what to make!

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