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Published on: May 26, 2010

a short story about novamarines, please comment and tell me what you think! Good or bad and plaease tell me things i need to work on if its bad or even if its good. also tell me if you might be intersted in a book similar. Thank you

GAME: Warhammer 40k

TYPE: Other

ARMIES: Space Marines

Lysander looked up toward the sky, the rustling wind bounced off his armor, making a satisfying echo of the wind within it. His warm blood started to rush to all the locations where his body had just went numb, quickly making it return to its original state for the upcoming fire warrior counter-attack. The blue and white quartered paint on his armor stood out from all the other objects around him and the skull with a twelve point star clearly indicated him a Novamarine.

His anticipation slowly yet steadily grew, it started to beat in the back of his head making it throb; pounding, screaming for him to go against orders and charge into the enemy with all his might and fury. Though it was tempting, he stayed in place, like a stone statue that was cold to the touch. Now his eagerness started to grow and his patience was at a never ending cliff, preparing to jump off willingly, though he knew it would be the end of him.
'This was a very well laid out plan he thought, but wasn’t the enemy getting a little to close?'
The closest fire warrior was about a hundred yards away, another hundred yards was the whole force racing toward him as they looked his way.'Ok guys if you aren’t going to help me then I will help myself he thought.'
The urge was too overwhelming; suddenly it took control of him as the fire warrior at the head of the assault began to shoot.

He quickly unsheathed his chainsword and brought his bolt pistol to bear. He aimed at the closest fire warrior but knowing he couldn’t take down the whole force, so he rolled into a path in the mountain. Its walls probably scaled around one-hundred yard, vivid with grass and plants. Black and purple plants that were much bigger then the ones in the sector. Knowing the fire warriors were going to follow him he put all his strength into his legs and ran. Dashing across the long alleyway and veered to the left and headed down that way. Looking around he spotted a plant that was big enough to hold a Land Raider, he climbed his way up to it, not risking using a jump pack that would utterly give away his position, leading a smoke trail to his position or the brief smell of gas fumes would make the tau suspicious. His only way to survive or possibly win was to do a stealth mission, not do anything to rational till the time was right. It wasn’t to his liking but he knew what has to be done. He found a corner in the plant that was the mostly shaded that he would be virtually impossible to see him in there without thermal sensors. He heard one-hundred footsteps, finally branching off into fifty footsteps to the left and to the right, since on his side there was five possible paths he could follow one group and then use his jump pack to go to another path and continue the cycle, eliminating all the squads. He sorely wanted for his brothers to come to his aid so he wouldn’t have to sneak around, cherishing the moment when he could upright attack the enemy with honor. As all the fire warriors where gone, he deliberately got out of his hiding spot and slowly got down to the floor, this is a labyrinth he thought to himself.

He jogged to the intersection and took the far left passage, jogging close the wall. He slowly came upon the first of the groups, and kept pace with them, but he slowly got closer. When he looked ahead he saw another junction.
'This is when I will strike' he thought.
As they stopped he ran toward them, the wind was howling through the passages and then wind made all the more difficult for them to hear him. The back two didn’t even have time to turn around. Lysander drew his chainsword and bolt pistol, chopping the rear fire warriors head off, he had already plunged his sword into the back of the other fire warrior and jerked left, making the rest of the flesh go in two before the head of the fire warrior that got it chopped off could hit the ground, alarming the others. The others were to late though and Lysander shot the head off of the closest warrior before he could bring his pulse rifle to bear. The blood of the explosion splattered onto the remaining fire warrior’s visors rendering them blind for a split second. As they franticly rubbed the blood off Lysander was already upon them. The closest one fell onto his knees and could only beg for his life a second because Lysander kicked him onto his back and drove his chainsword into the warriors face, activating the chainsword, the face of the dead fire warrior could no longer could be recognizable for his skull was in fragments laying around the rotting carcass and the brain tissue had splattered the two walls to its sides. In desperation the remaining fire warrior of the group unloaded a full clip into the space marine, simply bouncing off his armor and made small scorch marks on his plate. Lysander slowly closed on his pray. With a last act of defiance the weak, and powerless fire warrior throw his gun but the space marine was too close to so it bounced off and landed right next to his feet. Weeping the fire warrior curled up into a little ball as Lysander towered over him. Mercifully Lysander ridded the galaxy of another foul xeno, taking a last glimpse at it before flying away; he truthfully believed that in killing the creature that he actually helped the poor soul that had resided within it.

Anasel watched as his comrade and his close friend Lysander flew upwards and landed on the top of the wall, activating his jump pack he started to fly towards him.
'If he would have just waited' he thought to himself,'we could have killed all fifty of the fire warriors in one single blow, but that chance was over.'
Contacting the rest of the squad, explaining that Lysander and he had the fire warriors to their left and they could take the ones to the right. Clicking the communication vox off he was finally close enough that Lysander recognized him. Slowly descending to meet his favored friend and crushed the other space marine in a bear hug.

“How are you Lysander?” Anasel spoke to him. “you really like messing up the plan, and you were supposed to wait till they got close enough.”

“Not like I was going to let you reap the benefits and all the glory while I’m the one getting shot at!” Lysander said with a great smile under his helmet.

“Still it doesn’t mean that you can go charging at them and not even kill one!” Anasel said with great enthusiasm.

Down below the wall, a fire warrior started to sniff the fumes that the jump pack had caused and had heard noises sounding like talking. He briefly told his squad mates and they look for the source.

“Com’on Anasel you really believe that you could have done as I could?”

“Yes; without a doubt in my mind I know I could.” Anasel replied with a hint of competition.

Then a shot whizzed by Lysander’s head and they both dropped to the ground. “Contacts” Anasel yield, Lysander got a nod from Anasel and Anasel turned on his jump pack and rotated his jump packs thrusters to head towards the ground. Smashing into a fire warrior that had fired the shot at Lysander and smashed the defenseless fire warrior’s face into the ground leveling even with the ground. Lysander was close behind and knocked the others down or greatly stammered them. He disemboweled the head of the fire warrior that had fallen onto his knees, revving his chainsword, Lysander lunged at another one. Anasel has got done shooting another fire warrior and closed in on the last one. It drew its own sword and it came to life as energy surrounded it and struck at him, but the attack was lazy and easily parried. Following up it did a low attack that had almost caught his feet but missed dew to him jumping. Anasel had enough of the defensive and attacked but the powersword collided with it, but instead he used his immense strength and forced the weapon out of the fire warriors hands.

“Fifteen more contacts Anasel, I will take them and you can continue your dance with that fire warrior!” Lysander said while laughing.

“Oh no you won’t.” as he chopped in half the disarmed fire warrior and ran to join his friends charge.

The fire warriors at the end of the path let loose multiple round at both of them. Dodging and rolling they came ever so close to the fire warriors while they fired their bolt pistols. Anasel jumped on the side of the wall and pushed off; shooting two more fire warriors out of the seven that remained. He came to a halt in front of a smaller fire warrior and swung his sword, the Tua warrior dodged and rolled around him and drew his blade but could not strike because Lysander stood behind him and grabbed the blade. Realizing this Anasel pushed forward with his chainsword and hacked the next two in one stroke. Now the others started to flee and Anasel gave chase. He was about on them but Lysander had used his jump pack to block their escape and just moved his sword in frantic motions and all the fire warriors ran into his blade of fury and died.

“I see how it is, fine you got the last kill.” Anasel said, purely out of competition.

“We aren’t done yet my friend.”
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