space marine game - campaign review xbox 360

I actually have no idea were to start with this review, I might as well start from the beginning. the introduction to this game is outstanding, not only does it give you the feel of the options available to the space marines but the actual into of using a jet pack/jump pack to begin the game is amazing. although start the tutorial with a combat knife ,s far from amazing and in my opinion quite disappointing, due to the fact that in the table top game the space marines automatically have a close combat weapon , which is mainly a chain sword but instead they gave the character a combat knife - odd in my opinion. the graphics are outstanding on Xbox 360. and the environment really gives you the feel of being on a forge world, it also a great inspiration of terrain making.
the game starts of being great but after 2-3 levels I felt is was just replaying itself , yes you may kill a lot of orks and see some awesome executions but after a few levels it starts feeling the same. as the story develops the plot becomes more obvious by the way certain characters act ect. although certain levels make you have a strong level of satisfaction of killing a lot of green skins. I thought they could make the boss battles harder as they just went down to easy. when chaos arrive it is like a refreshment in the story line , not only do chaos spice the game up it gives the player the chance to see the mighty titan at work - truly awesome. the chaos lord that appears is just about evil enough, I wish the chaos lord made some mention of other famous chaos characters like the space marines do - mentioning their chapter master of maccarage. the downfall of chaos is that after finding out chaos is on the planet the orks go off somewhere and are no were to be seen - shame. you do get a even better satisfaction of killing chaos marines that orks, and even tractor guardsmen. in my opinion their should have been a lot more killing of traitor guardsmen. the weapons of space marine are outstanding especially the thunder hammer. jet pack moments were the best but were to few, the actual ending was a bit disappointing - but I am not going to give that away.

overall is would rate the actual game play 10/10
storyline is would rate a big fat 4-5 (to obvious)

graphics and effort put into the game - cant think of a score good enough. (it that good)

leave your comments below on your views on the campaign of space marines.

look out for space marine - online game play review

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hthehidden (Over a year ago): - delete
I think that it was a good game, but my friend thinks that it takes too long to lvl up in multiplayer, and hes the kind of guy that is lvl 70 14 prestige in cod

madbird-valiant (Over a year ago): - delete
May I suggest that you start the review by using spellcheck? Or just by formatting it a bit. Also, avoid spoilers. Anyway.

The intro is amazing - best cinematic gameplay I've had in a while. Your point about the combat knife isn't really valid, though - the close combat weapon that vanilla tactical marines have in the tabletop game is a combat knife, not a chainsword.

As for the game being repetitive, I didn't really have any problem with it. I played it in short-ish stints, so it remained fresh throughout, and the story was secondary to the gameplay in my opinion. Nothing could lessen the ceaseless glee of hacking your way through waves of enemies.

The sections with the assault pack were indeed the best - but the rest of the game isn't far behind.

Gameplay 9/10
Plot 5/10
Music 9/10
Aesthetic 10/10

My two cents, anyway. Can't be bothered writing my own review.

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this article is me giving my personal review of the hit game space marine of Xbox 360

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