Snap Fit Space Marines

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Can't be bothered to build space marines? Get them pre-built with the Snap-Fit space marine range. But are they worth getting? Watch to find out more.

We award this product 3 Stars. Due to the arguments I’ve discussed they reflect on why this product sometimes receives negative feedback from the GW community. However for some people this really helps them out as it could save critical time for those wargamers who don’t have a lot of time.

Some wargamers just don’t have time to be building a whole army. You’ve seen our take on professional painting services. But unfortunately most likely they won’t assemble the miniatures for you. Thankfully GW have made it really simple to assemble their most popular army, the Space Marines, as well as a few other common squads for their other armies, such as Chaos Daemons.

Space Marine Snap-Fit range kindly supplied by Total Wargamer, supplier of many wargaming brands.

The Snap-Fit range involves a really simple to construct set of figures which you can easily snap together. Whilst glue isn’t even required it’s recommended. The models come in a few parts – the body, the jump-packs, and the weapons, which in this case are boltguns (rifles).

As far as details on the miniature are concerned, the snap-fit range lacks decent moulding. Only the obvious details are present, such as slots for eyes and a few armour contours — but that really is about it. For those who care about consistency between their squads, they might find it irritating when they have a distinct differentiation between the Snap-Fits and the ordinary marines. However, this is hard to recognise once the figures are painted up, considering a lot of this detail is hidden by painting over these details, and also the fact that most of the attention to the figure is the painting, and not the moulding. If you’re more of a gamer, then consider these kits a nice addition. If you think you want to have a much more serious approach to building your army – then perhaps this isn’t the set for you. It’s definitely worth considering this before purchase.

I personally had another concern as well. My main issue is this. Within the snap-fit range each blister pack contains only 3 figures. With a regular Space Marine Tactical Squad the set consists of 10 figures. This means even if you bought 3 boxes, you’d have 9 Snap-Fit miniatures, being one figure short. If you purchase 4 Snap-Fit sets, that’s 12 figures, being 2 figures over where you would have nothing to do with those extra figures unless you bought more sets to fill additional squads! By then you could be spending a very large amount of cash on these sets. VERY daunting.

In all honesty, building the full Space Marines isn’t very hard. There’s less than 15 parts per figure — and besides, with quick-drying superglue and parts which are well moulded, you could dry assemble them in seconds yet alone full assemble. It really is a decision which depends on how much time you have available – but is it much of a gain to save 10-20 minutes per figure whilst sacrificing significant detail and having an oddly-numbered squad? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

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The snap-fit space marines are a really quick way to get +45pts on the table. The snap fit tactical space marines are very cheap and potentially a fast way to get troops on the table -- but there are some cons you might want to consider. Watch to find out more

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