slannesh or khorne?

so i think i should specify a bit. i mean to say, in fantasy, what is better? a keeper of secrets or a bloodthirster? i have been using a bloodthirster because it is a straight up killing machine. i give it obsidian armour axe of khorne, and immortal fury. 550 points. for ws 10 m10 I9 A7 magic resistance (2) and more. it is awesome. but now, what i am thinking, in keeper of secrets. it is still WS9 M10 I10 and A6 but he comes base always strikes first, so hes always re rolling to hit, and just because, i gave it soul hunger for re roll to wound. so 6 attacks, rerolling to hit and to wound. then i gave it enrapturing gaze and allure of slaness. im not sure which one whic, but what it is, is one of em makes models wishing to attack it make a LD you might be thinking ok so what if my generals around id be getting like LD 9 or 10. but the other one, makes it so base contact, can not use other models LD value. so this would be especially usefull agains skaven or other models that rely on the general LD. then on top of that i gave it siren song, so once a game, in my opponent turn, before charges are made, i can make it so one of his units have to declare a charge on my keeper. and they can be as far as 20" away. so i could make squads of dwarves or something declare a charge that there max charge range would be like 15 from 20" away. also this would be awsome on war machines or sompin. lol use it on an anvil of doom. that would be funny.
then, on top of that, it is a lvl 1 wiz. i know its not much but it could be helpful, say if i get the spell giving me always strikes first and re rolls. i might have time to use that (squad of 29 bloodletters with herald!)

and please dont feal that you shouldnt reply because you dont own daemons, just tell me your oppinion on anything you know about them and the information i gave you.

so ive been rambling for a while so just give me your oppinion and maybe if i get enough views and subscribers ill post pics of my forgeworld bloodthirster, and comparison pics. i compared it to the GW bloodthirster ad its actually kinda funny the size difference

so please comment rate and subscribe.

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donty (Over a year ago): - delete
defanetly the bloodthirster beacause you like it and its a monster in close combat i strongly advise him hope this helps!

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i have my thoughts. but i want yours.

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