Skorne Vs Legion

Skorne Vs Legion

soory its a quick one and im quickly doing this because i have to get going to school

and Yes another battle box game and yes its in the mines of moria also I might want to add that it was the Skorne players first game.

-Cyclops Savage x2
-Titan Gladiator (not fully built yet)

-Shredder x4

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pMorgul hides behind the pillar. Everything else moves up.
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Carnivean charges one of the Cyclops Savage and boosts attack and damage on the bite attack as well as forcing another bite attack destroying the Cyclops savage. Lylyth hides behind a pillar as well while the shredder hoard move up.

Gladiator charges the Carnivean boosting all damage rolls TWICE! ROLLING ALL SIX’S!!! (They were my dice so I know they weren’t loaded) and utterly destroys it. Cyclops Savage charges Lylyth and nearly kills her leaving 5 health left. And Morgul moves out of the safety of his pillar to get closer to the action.
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Now things are looking bleak but I manage to turn it around (remember this is his first game!) in a final desperate attempt all of my shredders become rabid and attack Morgul! One shredder does 9 damage to him but he transfers it to the Cyclops. The next 2 miss (DARN DEF 7!) and the 4th one manages to land a hit doing 10 damage HUZZAH! But not enough to kill him. Lylyth takes a risk and runs away from the Cyclops avoiding its free strike and weaseling her way to get a shot at Morgul! If I fail this Lylyth will get charged by the gladiator next turn and will probably cost me the match so if I fail I’m doomed D: so I pop my feat boosting all my attacks, I then proceed to spend all my fury on extra attacks with her bow only landing a hit on the last one with 2 5’s and a 6 (DEF 7 + -4 to roll for in combat bonus =) but with my last shot I managed to do JUST enough damage to kill Morgul.
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I know it was a quick game (very quick) but it was again his first game and it appears that Lylyth is very good at assassinating other warcasters/warlocks since that’s the only way I win battle box games well I haven’t lost yet!

I will have a none battle box game up soon (finally) im just waiting for photobucket to stop hating me)

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TauofMontKa (Over a year ago): - delete
Agreed, 5/5

BlackFalcon (Over a year ago): - delete
you, sir, have an epic gaming table!

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im sick of battle box games

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