short imperial guard story

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Published on: May 27, 2010

a short part of my imperial guard book that i am writing and i also have a space marine book. comment, rate subscribe and tell if it is good or bad.

GAME: Warhammer 40k

TYPE: Other

ARMIES: Imperial Guard

As Parmathius looked around at his room, small in comparison to his one back on his home world, he realised that as homely as it is, he would barely use it again. Only to stay in it till the go ahead to join his squad for the breach. As the alarm went off through the ship to signal the landing, all the men poured out of their rooms to arm themselves. Unlike the other sergeants in the 112th Verkans, Parmathius decided to keep his lasgun, with the metal almost entirely worn off, with the inscription 'As the emperor wishes'.

Once he was reunited with his squad, his voxmen Santure stepped forward with the information on their mission. Once on the ground, they are to approach the sub-reactor, place a demo-charge on the control panel to render their defences useless. Once that has been accomplished, they are to rejoin with second platoon and breach the barracks.
"We have just been given confirmation that we are a go to attack the sub-reactor" said Santure as he loaded his shotgun.
"Roger that Santure, we will move out now."
"Sir Yes Sir!"

As the ramp descended, the harsh winds of Tarax IV swept the sand onto the camouflaged armour. The wind whistled as it went in and out of the grooves of the armour, with the men's visors finding it hard to penetrate the sand storm on the planet, a storm caused by the recent shift the planets surface. After two hours of walking they found the grating system that would give them access to the sub-level of the compound.
"Santure, give me the cutters."
After he was passed the tiny devices, he placed each of them on the points that would cut the grating in strategical positions that would give the full effect. Once it was cut, each man attached his rope to the severed poles and rappelled down.

Once they were all down, they checked their weapons and turned on their night vision. Along the way to their objective they encountered very little resistance, only in the form of a few rebel patrols. Once they reached the room they were met by a large force of men protecting the power source. Parmathius and his men hid behind large columns as they made their way towards the reactor, using the darkness as their main weapon, unable to penetrate it even with the best visors that guard could muster. As Parmathius drew closer, he encountered a small problem , the only way through was through two men. Using the silence as a calling, he whistled only loud enough that the two men would hear. As they turned to see what was the source of the sound, Parmathius's bear like hands grabbed each neck and snapped it with a quick jolt of energy, as if he held a twig in each hand.

Once they reached it, one of the men from the squad placed a charge on the reactor and set it for thirty seconds, just long enough to allow them to escape the radius of the blast. As they tied themselves to their rappel's, they set it to pull them up and once they reached the surface, the shock wave of a large blast shook each man at his core.
Once they joint up with second platoon the assault was in full swing, with the turrets being disabled, it allowed the men to approach the main gates, with las shots hitting the rebels on the wall, scorching the skin and melting the flesh as the super hot flash instantaneously reacted with the surrounding oxygen, bringing each shot to life. Once the main gate was breached, men poured in, including second platoon and was taken under fire the moment they set foot inside. Unable to get to his squad, Parmathius was stuck behind a crumbling wall without support.
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