Servent of Khrone part 2

As the stench of rotten corpse's and the smell of dead mixed in the air. Conriy picked himself up pulling on the wolves lead. The wolf stopped eating he knew bettter then to defy his master. The chaos cruisers were already loading up intent on takeng another planet.Conriy boared the crusier as many others did aswell. As he waited more and more for the battle in seemed that he was caught in limbo. Finally after ages the crusiers doors opended as he walked out onto the snowy planet. "Why do we always have to guard this frozen ice cube"A imperial guardsman said to his comrade
"I told you already the straws are rigged we always get the short one"
"Hey look its a mutt"the guardsman said pointing his rifle barrel at a stray wolf
"You sure its not one of the space wolves"
"Na thouse ones are in the barracks or something I should take it out"
"yeah I guess it would give us a breack from the rations they feed to us" he laughed and shot at the wolf as the shot went though the wolf's red armour with apperent ease
"Ha start a fire we're having spit roasted wolf tonight"he smiled racing down onto the icy battlefield

((okay this is where it ends for now so I thought it would be fun f you the people who give me so much chose what happens next so to celebrate over 1000 views on my channel in the comments write what should happen next and I'll pick one person's suggestion and add it thanks for eveything guys))

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iainfall11 (Over a year ago): - delete
Idk what happens next. WAIT, how about the guardsman kills coniryshound, and coniry in return rips the head off of that guardsman, and bashes in the skull of the other!

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