Painting an Eldar army in 5 months.

Sooo this is my first blog and boy is it going to be an interesting one. I have some 15-18K of Eldar which have never ever ever been fully painted and I am setting myself a task of painting it all in 5 months. Thats ludicrous i hear you say, but it has to be done. To be completly honest I am eldar through and through and i am sitting here typing this with many an idea in my head. Im not some noob, i have been playing for 20 years and my painting has won me many awards but only decision is what colours. My army includes some of the following.

Forgeworld Avatar with Spear
5 Farseers, 2 Mounted on jetbikes
34 Warlocks, 12 mounted on jetbikes
20 Harlequins (all recent models)
110 Wraithguard (yes thats right 110) all in squads of 10 with spiritseers
10 Fire dragons with Exarch and waveserpent
20 Howling Banshees with Exarchs and waveserpents
20 Rangers, 10 are Pathfinders
60 Guardians all with platforms and warlocks
36 Jetbikes in 3 squads of 12 with 2 Shuriken cannons in each squad led by warlocks on bikes
3 Forgeworld wasp walkers
30 Dire Avengers with Exarchs and waveserpents
6 Vypers
20 Swooping Hawks with Exarchs
10 Shining Spears with Exarchs
3 Hornets which I have made myself from the new fire prism turrets
3 New fireprisms
3 Falcons
5 Dark Reapers with Exarch
6 Warwalkers
9 Wraithlords
3 Weapon support battery
2 Night spinners
2 Forgeworld Warphunters
5 Forgeworld Shadow Spectres with Exarch
2 Mk2 Scorpions
2 Mk 2 Cobras
Vampire Raider (going to purchase on ma bday next month)
2 Revenant Titans
2 Lynx (when there released)
and pride and joy will be a phantom Titan

All this will also be joined by Wraithseers aswell when there eventually released.

Ill get some pics together and post them in a few weeks of the work i have ahead and will update once every few weeks on how things are going. Wish me luck and any comments will be appreciated when I get pictures up.

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farmboy (Over a year ago): - delete
WOW thats insane! Good luck

Chaos-Ruler (Over a year ago): - delete
That is going to be HARD! But seeming as its 5 months, You may be able to do it!

Chieftain (Over a year ago): - delete
That is a huge project Bro!
Good luck.

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I have set myself a challenge of painting all my Eldar I own plus new models I will be purchasing (yes including the phantom titan when it comes out) in 5 months.

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