Ork conversions

A few pics of some of my ork conversions. some of them are small things like the added bigbombs and buzsaw to the deffkoptas and others are full out conversions such as the blood angel Furioso to killa kan. so please comment and feel free to ask any questions. enjoy

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Greystoke (Over a year ago): - delete
great stuff. Can't wait to see them all painted up.

Roy-Batty (Over a year ago): - delete
Love the conversion of the grot staring out of the Furioso's "chest". Pretty creepy!

gobzillagob (Over a year ago): - delete
nice one man! know go finish the rest!

Apothecary (Over a year ago): - delete
epic conversions man especially the killa kanz

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Added: July 14, 2012
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a few pics of some of my Ork conversions.

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