Imp. Fist. Captain/heavy destroyer

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miniwargammerUSA (Over a year ago): - delete
thanks zaer

zaer (Over a year ago): - delete

locbot (Over a year ago): - delete
its old film effect on WindowMovieMaker

Nice cap'in

Wow cool pose

Wats an airbrush?

RogalKantor (Over a year ago): - delete
WTF with 0:23-1:2? And i cant really see the model.

miniwargammerUSA (Over a year ago): - delete
i angled it i'm not done with the basing. that space will be filled up by another cron warrior prolly. i messed up stripping one and now its junk...makes a really good objective marker though

baddudecg666 (Over a year ago): - delete
sweet crons pwn i just finshed a cron heavy distroyer im goin same as you diff color scheme per squad mine are all useing green gold and black love the heavy d y is he on his side??????

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miniwargammerUSA's Avatar Author: miniwargammerUSA
Added: June 21, 2009
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this is my imperial fists captain and a heavy destroyer i made

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