New rule book!!!

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Published on: Jul 25, 2012

Haven't posted any content for a while so decided to start with my favourite thing in the new 40kk rule book

GAME: Warhammer 40k

TYPE: Other

ARMIES: Daemonhunters

Hi guys,
I haven't posted any content in ages and I had a look through my new rule book and decided to tell you about my allied detachment I have planned for guard. With both primary and secondary force added together it's going to be around 2000 pts. That means a compulsory of 2 hq's and 4 troops. After an extremely fast thought process I saw this as an excuse to collect an army I've wanted to get for ages... GREY KNIGHTS!!!!!!!.
I don't collect grey knights and I know a couple of people who do but this is what I'm thinking.
Castallian Crow
Mr Vindicare assassin
5 paladins
10 purifiers in a rhino
5 terminators

Thoughts and opinions are very welcome.
I also won a prise at my local store and the guy who runs it paints me any model in LOTRs Fantasy or 40k on o 50mil base or smaller. I'm thinking forge world games day model but please share your opinions!
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