Necrons of Favored C'tan

We'll start off with pictures of the entire army...
An Image
An Image
An Image

alright, now some closeups~

The rank and file troops, my Necron Warriors:
An Image
An Image
An Image

and The Monolith (with me behind)
An Image

one of my Tomb Spyders, I gave him double Particle Projectors for laughs. He's hanging out with his scarab buddies.
An Image
An Image
An Image

And the big cheese himself, The Nightbringer, with his honor guard of Flayed Ones. One of them is draped in Ork skin, and has a collection of Ork heads
An Image
An Image
An Image

well that's all from that photoshoot, but stay tuned for more!

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squeeme (Over a year ago): - delete
Very nice monolith the gold is a nice touch

favoredctan (Over a year ago): - delete
thanks a bunch guys, I'll definitely try to get some more decent pix; for some reason the lighting in that room is weird and washed all the pictures orange. Had to do some major color correction :< Luckily didn't mess with the coloring of the models!

khainelord (Over a year ago): - delete

niner33 (Over a year ago): - delete
awesome stuff

Warhammergoc (Over a year ago): - delete

PAMPLEMOUSE (Over a year ago): - delete
they're nice, they're clean, definitely top-end table top quality.

i would like to see some more pics that are sharper so we can truly appreciate the work.

KamikazeNewf (Over a year ago): - delete
Very sexy paint job on the Monolith. Top knotch!

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a Showcase of my Necron Army, photos taken by my significant other several months ago (so I've expanded since!)

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