necron lychguard / preatorians


these are my lychguard / preatorians. i made them straight from the box, but i wanted lychguard, but also wanted to be able to use them as preatoreans. so i simply used the preatorean back (and head because the lychguard head wouldnt fit) and lychguard arms, and voila. this is what you get. i made 5 and 5, so that i have options, but mainly i just love both variations, model wise. well i hope you like them, please rate and soobscreeb!!

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Gorefangz's Avatar Author: Gorefangz
Added: October 22, 2012
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these are my slightly converted lychguard / preatorians. not much of a conversion, just used all lychguard parts, but used the preatorean back pack. check it out

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