My ravenwing captain so far

This is the base for my ravenwing captain.

An Image

An Image

And this is my ravenwing captain so far. It's not finished

The eagle on the front

An Image

The whole model

An Image

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nicknoo (Over a year ago): - delete

warhammersteven40k (Over a year ago): - delete
The model is for a contest. The base took my about 30 minutes(with drying time). I like the green armor that why I painted it that colour.

WarPetrie (Over a year ago): - delete
cool nice job so far, but why put all that work in the base and use the plastic peg that snaps waaayyy to easaly? just use a brass rod that would be sturdy enough to hold up the metal model? oh and why green armor? O_o i like the color of it but the Master of the Raenwing should be in black armor...

Chaos-Ruler (Over a year ago): - delete

warhammersteven40k (Over a year ago): - delete
sorry eagle

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