My newly painted space marines

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Matt1910 (Over a year ago): - delete
Thanks for the tips. I used a white primer (because it's all I had) and then layered blood red up to a solid colour and then went over it again with blazing orange to get the colour I wanted for my amry. My models went a bit blotchy after I applied a wash, if you have any tips on how to use washes It would be greatly apreciated.

m0nkey (Over a year ago): - delete
wow I really should have proof read my post before sending it. I made a dry brush tutorial for you I hope that it is helpful for you

m0nkey (Over a year ago): - delete
Thank you for posting your recent work for us to see Matt. I am going to go out on a limb and guess that you are new to painting may I ask what color you base coat in? I would like to point out some criticisms but please bare in mind that I mean them constructively. I noticed 2 things one that on some models the armor color is blotchy this usually especially when painting with reds if you try to get all the coverage in one coat. the trick I use is to base coat in black and then with a fairly large brush (as in not a detail brush but not a wash brush) apply a small amount of paint to just the tips of the bristles, next take that brush and swipe it across a piece of paper 9or in my case my painting table) until most of the paint is off the brush if you get enough off when you quickly flick it across the areas you want to color it will lightly dust the raised area with pigment in a very thin layer this highlights the detail and with multiple layers you get a very even coating of the desired color. with practice this technique can be used to quickly paint large squads if you look through my channel I have examples of how I painted 15 chaos space marines in one go. the second thing I noticed was that many of the little details where left unpainted like skulls these can be hard to do but if you use the same method with a detail brush they turn out very good (I like to make mine with bleached bone as white is more difficult to get to look right). I will try to make a video of the "dry brush" technique so you can get a better idea of what I mean but I will have to find a way to hold my I phone to make the video. good luck in your painting you are of to a great start.


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These are some space mairnes that I have recently painted.
I have finished painting but the bases on most of them aren'y done yet.

Please leave me feedback about what you think, painting techniques or just space marines in general.

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