my empire army + eldar update

hello miniwargaming! im here to show you my new(second hand!!!) empire army.

An Image

it contains
-5 archers(from my lotr bits box)
-gandalf(my empire wizard )
-empire captin/general with dual hand weapons
-20 swordsmen(full command)
-10 handgunners(i had them before i got the rest of the second hand stuff)
-6 hangunners (one is off his base )
-5 free company
-helstrom rocket launcher with 3 crew and the option to make it a helblaster
-16 flaggelants
-5 outriders

its close to 1000 points if i juice everything out.

An Image
An Image

my empire out post
An Image

And my eldar update

An Image

my warlock, 6 more avengers and my stricking scorpions.

thanks for reading

dont care if you rate or subscribe but a comment would be nice

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hansolo (Over a year ago): - delete
do or do not there is no try

matteuse (Over a year ago): - delete

xTHExWIZxKIDx (Over a year ago): - delete
iz good!! 5/5

Belial (Over a year ago): - delete
well looks pretty nice and your eldars are just looking awsome
perhaps as empire player like and 3 more hellstorm rocket launchers would be fun

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thanks exodusofmen

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