My City

i know i know i stumble with my words...alot...
uh this is my city shown in my teaser but in detail. im sorry that its kinda dark. i have very bad lighting in my basement. gotta get another light down there. so tell me what you think :3
correction this is my second video. forget what i said about it being my first one.

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shinto-kamikaze (Over a year ago): - delete
looking good

jimmy72nd (Over a year ago): - delete
looks good man, get it finished and show us it finished..

wargamer321 (Over a year ago): - delete
thats really good not bad at all 5/5!!!!
well done!!!!!

xTHExWIZxKIDx (Over a year ago): - delete
Why u say its bad its great!!! 5/5

Darethus (Over a year ago): - delete
Darethus wants you for brother...

hershey555 (Over a year ago): - delete
well i looks way beter than mine cause u have well, u have buildings. and a table. and a basement were people dont bother u. lucky. cool city though

LOXMYTH (Over a year ago): - delete
If you start off by calling it crappy- everyone is going to automatically see crap. Just say "here it is.." and let people form their own opinion. Slap some paint on it and there you go. Good story telling though. Try that tarp idea you were talking about.

erratyk (Over a year ago): - delete
i don't think it looks crappy at all. for a table inside your house all that terrain would be perfect.

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as stated. my city

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muchas gracias ^^ muchas gracias ^^
by Blood-Trident
thanks :D
Revision :3 Revision :3
by Blood-Trident
a revision. probably going to be my color scheme.
by Blood-Trident
the commander i wish i had o;
My Army :3 My Army :3
by Blood-Trident
as stated ^^
My Base :3 My Base :3
by Blood-Trident
Little intro to my main terrain project :3