My 2000 point painted necron army

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ok so this has been my main project since my last post, just getting together some extra crons like the scythes and barge. but here it is, my 2000 point army. i am quite proud of myself as this is a fairly ccompetative list that ,at least to me, look very good on tabletop. yah i know, 6 warriors arent painted, but that is because i derped. my list has 62 warriors in it (2 of 17 and 2 of 14 in scythes) and i only have 56 painted. so i got to finish it, but either way, i can easily just upgrade or add in a few things so i dont have to use them. a few things are being proxied in this list, for one is zahndrekh who i use the overlord model as and use imotekh as an overlord (just cause of the res orb.) then the two old necron warriors are crypteks with voltaic staff (25 points for 4 s5 haywire shots, yes please)and also all the destroyers are heavy destroyers. but thats it. only major proxies are the hq. the old warriors look different enough, and the only difference on the destroyers are that they have a shorter gun, so... anyway, i hope you like it, please rate and soobscreeb.

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Gorefangz's Avatar Author: Gorefangz
Added: October 22, 2012
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i recently challenged myself to paint up a 2000 point army for myself, and here it is.

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