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Please visit our website for pictures of Past and Present work!

Jason and Heather

We're Floridians, living in Utah, with our 3 cats - Splat, Eddie, and Krippy... who do their best to steal parts and bitz at every opportunity. We strive to provide a professional service, with quality painted miniatures at realistic prices and quick turnaround.

This site contains pictures of some of our past commission work, as well as some of our personal collections. Keep checking the site for new updates.

Between the two of us, we've got 15+ years of miniature painting experience. We're still learning, though.

So, read on, and contact us if you have comments or suggestions!

Division of Labor

Jason tends to favor the traditional miniatures lines - WH40K in particular, and most things sci-fi in general. He's got quite a collection of Rackham's Confrontation armies, ridicolously large VOR armies, and altogether too many unbuilt and unpainted models, kits and bitz to even mention. Jason forte is small squads or warbands - where each miniature can be unique and recieve a top-notch paint job.

Heather's favorites are the stellar sculpts that range from the Reaper and Foundry lines, from innocent townsfolk (is anyone ever really innocent?) to dusty Egyptian statuary. She's also got a penchant for Old West-inspired miniatures - cowboys, indians, murderous mariachi players, etc. Heather's specialty is single figures - rpg characters, heroes, lords, army centerpieces - anything that demands nothing less than the best in paint.

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Jasryn (Over a year ago): - delete
What the hell happened to Jason and Heather? They did superb work for me in the past, then, dropped right off the map! Are they still alive? Held captive by Arab terrorists? Trapped in a parallel dimension? Beamed up to the Enterprise? Somebody, please tell me where they are!

kickme (Over a year ago): - delete
nice painting

i will check the website out.

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As Middle Pillar Path Painting, we've been painting miniatures professionally for 10+ years - a unique service that includes both traditional methods and unorthodox techniques. We provide a solid, dependable gaming standard of painting as well as offering eye-catching higher-end styles suitable for display.

We pride ourselves on offering a balance between quality and affordability, so take a look around our site. Contact us directly for commission requests and pricing details.

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