Lets Build A Army Gray Knights

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Roadvirus (Over a year ago): - delete
Next up is Paladins. 1980pts. Draigo 275 (you have to have him to make paladins troops) and 31 paladins that equal 1705pts. Again not much for upgrades but paladins do have some options that are free.
Roadvirus (Over a year ago): - delete
Well if you want to roll grey knights termantors like no other heres a few options for you.1975 pts will get you a inquistor for 25 pts, then 48 termantors for 1950pts. Now none or these are upgraded and 50pts is not much to work with for 49 modals. But of you wont to fill the table with a truck load of termantors thats how. If you bye the box sets you will need 10 wich will run you about 500 US dallors, or you can make mold of one or two modals and spend a lot less.
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Lets build a a gray knight army

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