Legio Aves Painting cheme

I am new here on MWG, but not to Warhammer. Thus, I know some tactics and have a few battles under my belt. But that is mostly with Eldar, and so i wanted to make an army with the Emperors Angels of Death. This is the Army I have come up with:

Legio Aves

Legio Aves means Bird Legion. the fluff for these guys is that they have been created from Hawk Lords gene-seed, to aid the Imperium in its struggle for survival. The Legio Aves adorns themselves with the same purple armor as their ancestor chapter, but wears the left half of the upper armor in a blue/gray-ish color, I think Shadowgrey is the paint for the job. The chapter is yet to be designed, but I'm fantasizing about something around a wing, like the Eagle warriors. All the squads are marked with a symbol for their list part (HQ, Elites, Troops), centered around an X. The HQ have the whole X, the Troops have the lower half, the Elites the upper half, the Fast Attack got the rightmost part, and the Heavy Support the leftmost part.

Here is a picture of the scheme I'm planning:
An Image

Let me know how you think about this project, eh?

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nidprime6 (Over a year ago): - delete

dingholio (Over a year ago): - delete
you thought about silver shoulder pad rims? I'd go with the brazen claws, storm hawks or white consuls emblem. you can find them on the universe map in the space marine book. love the green eyes!

ForTheEmperor (Over a year ago): - delete

Legio-Aves (Over a year ago): - delete
Any ideas for chapter symbol? And what if I use just normal greys instead?

Legio-Aves (Over a year ago): - delete
oops, the knepad is sposed to be purple too. sry!!

squigboy (Over a year ago): - delete
really cool colour scheme, although i also think its right shoulder pad should be grey and its left kneepad to be purple, good job!!

jimmy72nd (Over a year ago): - delete
looks creative. will look good when put into practice.

the name needs a little more thought.

What About the " Prairie Falcons "

bakerfromjamaica (Over a year ago): - delete
With the purple side, make the shoulderpad the same colour as the shadow grey side and it will look great. Cant wait to see some painted

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