imperial vs space marine story line/battle

imperial quard:
the so called loyalist space marines of the iron clad chapter have decided to attempt to take the planet barthos for its mass of ancient relics
however the imperial guard where led by a man who'm has been said to have risen from the dead time and time again and led countless men to victory against
even the deadlist foes.
the orks call him the evil eye and commisar yarrick is here to stay.

as the mighty commasar preped his men for battle he told them of his unreal victories and how close they where to defeat but still managed to hold
thier lines until reinforcements arrived and took the day. this speech greatly rose the guardsmens morale hense making the twice as likely to stay and fight until their comisar was dead or they
shared a similar fate.

as the guard started to laugh at the supposed super humans they mounted there moble fortresses. these tanks where cabible of carrying enough fire
power to destroy entire cities without so much as rocking the tank. the day of the battle was misrebile. the clouds darkened and the rain poured
down like blood from all those men lost before this battle and acted as a constint reminder of why they were fighting. commisar yarrik knew the
space marin tactics quite well but espicialy the iron clads.
the imperial guard had sent out hundreds of scout platoons that returned with vital information involving the tactics and possitioning of the
space marines would not back down but if he did his men would surely fail. whilst yarrick knew he was in for a good fight he knew it would not be his last.

to be continued...

space marines:

the space marines lord librarian of the iron clad chapter had direct orders from the adaptes mechanicis to take the planet barthos
at all costs. the lord knew that the guardsmen wouldn't be happy about this so decided to strike fast. when the lord librarian
found out his foe was yarrik he knew his men would be demorilised and did all he could to keep there spirtits high. the journey
was long and tiring and many of the men where exasted from lack of food.

as the ship reached orbit many imperial strike cruisors oblivious to the battle about to unfold on ground where easy targets
and only lasting minutes before making planet fall in peices. the space marines still undetected took cover in some ruins
and began to set up communication towers camp sites foward bases and automatic turrets as well as trip mines.
the space marines heard a roar of thunder one night as a group of mines went off.
the space marines quickly checked and many imoerial scouts had tried to spy on the marines and as a result
the lord librarian sent out scouts to wait in hidding for the other squads to be seen and slowly pick them off one by one.
many of the scouts where killed and when the scouts where sure they where all dead they went back to base and examined anything interesting
they found. the day of the battle the rain poured down hard like sticks beating angaist tribal was drums as the marines moved forward.
the space marines made good use of their information gathered from the scouts and set up defence lines to counter the imperial guardsmen.

to be continued...

special rules imperial guard:
undying legend: as long as comisar yarick is in play all units get to use his leader ship and yarick may issue one order per turn with 24" range

reliable sorce: because of the intell the scouts returned the marine player will always set up first even if they're going second

grounded: because of the skill of the guardsmen tank comanders all guardsmen tanks ignore crew shaken results.

special rules space marines:
scouts unheard: before deployment of either force if the soacemearine player in going second and wants to deploy second then on the roll of a six the
reliable sorce is not active in that game.

preset defence: at the start of the game after deployment the space marine player may pick one peice of terrain in there deployment zone and move it
as well as give it a 1+ to its cover save (to a maximum of 2+)

mission rules:
this battle will use the dawn of war deployment type however the guardsmen team may select one extra unit to accompany them instead of just 2 troop 1 hq

game type:
seize ground is the game type as it will resemble the amout of relics that the planet barthos holds

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