imperial guard story part 3

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Published on: May 29, 2010

part three of my short story, comment, rate, subscribe and tips.

GAME: Warhammer 40k

TYPE: Other

ARMIES: Imperial Guard

Lendrik hid behind the wall, next to the rebel’s heavy bolter pit. He gave the man standing next to him to throw his grenade in there and take cover. He took every word in and did them with precision. Once the pit was taken care of, Lendrik rose to his feet and ordered all his men to charge. As he charged in head first, he was struck by a fist into his face from a hiding rebel. Before the rebel could turn to take another swing, Lendrik struck the rebel with his own blow, taking off his head, and decapitating him. While Lendrik was off guard, two rebels circled him, each holding a power sword in two hands. As one charged in, he was quickly swatted away by the quick movement of lendrik’s hand, creating a impact crater in the wall, snapping his vertebrate in a split second. With this opening, the second rebel decided to take advantage and make his move, swiping his sword at one of Lendrik’s arms. With the power of the sword being mighty, the arm was taken off with ease, Lendrik turning with more anger than pain in his face. Lendrik swung his fist into the rebels face, mutilating it before completely taking it off. As the rest of Verkan’s poured into the bunker, Lendrik knelt down and looked at his arm on the floor, still twitching before he crushed the power supply with his still working augmented arm.
“Lord, are you ok?”

“Call in Hanson, i will need another replacement.”
The man nodded, turned around and ran out of the bunker, heading to the imperial camp.

“Why are there so little men in here?” asked a guardsman as he looked around.

“Maybe they knew that it was only a matter of minutes before we broke in and these men stayed to fight. For all we know, they could be waiting right behind that door.”

“Parmathius, can you hear me? Parmathius follow the light” the medic shone a light into his eyes and Parmathius followed it. “That’s brilliant, i think he will be fighting in no time, only a small flesh wound, but why the hell did you try to take a look?”

“I just wanted to see if they were going to reload, obviously not.”
All the men chuckled as Parmathius rose to his feet. He grabbed his helmet and rifle and turned to his men.

“So which one of you boys got me out of there because I owe you a drink.”
“None of use sir, Lord Commissar did sir.”
As Parmathius looked out of the tent he turned and ordered the men to advance on the bunker. As they pasted tents, the men saw that their sergeant was not the only one to be injured by the rebels. Some without legs, some with arms and some even with their chests half open. The destruction of the men on this campaign was phenomenal, losing a fifth of the company, within the first two weeks of the campaign in-fact. As Parmathius past the almost destroyed wall he hid behind, a cold wind shuddered up his spine. Once through the hole in the bunker, they met up with the rest of the second platoon. As the men looked around, Parmathius met eyes with the Lord Commissar and walked over towards him.
“Thank you for rescuing me from that awkward predicament earlier.”

“I was only repaying a debt that I owed you after Zelfen VI, you remember that don’t you?”

“Of course I do, the day I pulled you out of the burning wreckage of the valkyrie. That’s when you lost your arms wasn’t it? I see you have lost one again.”

“Indeed, the rebel got a lucky shot on me that was all.”Both chuckled before getting back to the case at hand. “I can see it in your eyes Parmathius. You wish to get back into action straight away.” Parmathius nodded towards the Commissar, “I have ordered the men to breach that bulk-head and to take care of what rebel’s remain. If you would like, you may lead the assault into the complex but this does mean that if you become injured again, I will not be there to hold your hand again.”

“Understood, thank you Lendrik. Men, form up, we are going to have us a good old fashioned hunt.”
The men cheered as the explosives on the door exploded and they all entered the dimly light corridor.
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