imperial guard story part 2

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Published on: May 28, 2010

part two of my short imperial guard story

GAME: Warhammer 40k

TYPE: Other

ARMIES: Imperial Guard

As Parmathius knelt behind the crumbling wall, he started to think that what was the point, why was he risking his life? Was he just doing it to gain an extra kilometre of land or a ruined compound that practically in disuse? But before he could finish that dangerous thought, he realised that he wasn’t doing it for all of that, he was doing it for the Emperor himself, to do solitude service in his name. As he went to take a quick peek over the wall to see where the fire was emanating from, a bolt round blasted the concrete, shattering a piece in his face, taking a chunk clean out of his cheek.
‘Medic, Medic, I need you!’ shouted Parmathius shouted as blood flowed from his cheek. The bright red blood glisten as it flowed down before filling his mouth, rendering him to call again for assistance.

‘I want those heavy bolters mounted on the rumble there, and I want third and fourth platoon to circle around and flank them through the motor pool. And where the hell are my tanks!’
Commissar Lendrik turned from his command squad to see Parmathius behind a practically destroyed wall. As medics attempted to approach him, high calibre rounds shot the ground in front of them, isolating Parmathius to bleed to death.
‘Men, prepare to charge and give that man the much need help that he requires.’
‘Yes lord commissar.’
As Lendrik thumped the activation runes on his power fists, both shone to life humming with power and intensity, the most powerful weapon that the emperor could muster and give to a guardsman. On the moment that the rebels had reload their heavy bolters, he sounded the charge and bounded down the hill with his fellow men. As the rebels reloaded, the gunners picked up lasguns and open fired on the men charging down the hill. The vox caster and the plasma gunner were the first to be shot dead with the vox’s head being blown clean off. As las shots flew past the Lendrik, his hat was blown from his head, being burnt to a crisp in a matter of seconds. Once he reached Parmathius, he was unconscious , with having lost a lot of blood.
‘You two, take him over to that medic, you, come with me and help me take out that emplacement.’ Ordered the commissar as he ducked behind the almost entirely destroyed wall.

‘Sir, the enemy are approaching our position. It seems that they have brought an entire company with them. We are outnumbered and outgunned, what should we do?’
As one of the rebels waited for an answer, a old man with scars over his face from las burns, stepped out from the darkness, only lighted by a lantern hanging from the wall. He was a proud man, stood straight even as the impending doom was shown, with his power sword and las pistol holstered. He looked around at the men that stood against the imperium with him all together. With the blackness and the smoke staining their faces, they seemed like miners in a mine without an exit, only to die without a choice in the matter.
‘Ok, we shall sit here and hold as long as we can until our reinforcement’s arrive.’
‘What reinforcement’s sir?’
‘Ones that would turn the tide in this campaign once and for all.’
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