Giant Orky Tower

This is my Orky War Tower from start to almost finished. I just need to add a rope ladder to the trap door on the first level then a ladder leading up too the top. The top canvas is Squiggoth skin . If you follow along with the pictures feel free to build your own. The total cost was about $3 and the bit of leather on the top was free from a upholstery shop down the road. Feel free to MSG me and leave comments if you have any questions, comments or just anythin leave it down below.

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kikoman (Over a year ago): - delete
More added just have the middle floor to stain and add the ladders then its done.

catachancommander (Over a year ago): - delete
cool ork tower

kikoman (Over a year ago): - delete
@Petoy That is where I got the idea of this from there is still a Ork symbol and a WAAAAAAAAGH BANNER. Maybe some other bits too so any ideas ill see if I can add them

Petoy (Over a year ago): - delete
you should look a miniwargamings how to make a waaagh banner. you should get a stick and break it into three even pieces. whittle off the skin with a knife and sharpen the points on each side of the individual pieces of the sticks. Base it black, then heavy dry brush it a brown. look at my vid on my waaagh tower. it says this one finally works under the title

kikoman (Over a year ago): - delete
There is more to come on this project but this is what i have so far

waaaaaaaghforcake (Over a year ago): - delete
lol I was just eating sushi with kikoman soy sauce
it still looks pretty cool!

gorork (Over a year ago): - delete
looks freaking cool. but im agenst ork tree towers. I mean comon its the 41 millenia but pretty nice job

BobMcCheese (Over a year ago): - delete
dude that ork tower looks awesome.

ShadowClan (Over a year ago): - delete
nice looks cool i'll probably build 2 or 3 to go with my ork base

typhus8 (Over a year ago): - delete
that is an awesome ork tower 5/5

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Giant Orky Tower that I made 12" tall at the top floor, second floor is 6"

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