How To Paint: Blood Raven Part 1: Red Armor

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Published on: May 27, 2010

A how to paint a Blood Raven Series. Part 1

GAME: Warhammer 40k

TYPE: Painting Tutorials

ARMIES: Space Marines

Over this Series, I am going to show you how I paint a Blood Raven Space Marine. I begin by priming him either Black or White. I prefer Black (Citadel Choas Black Spraypaint).

First I paint the whole model Mechrite Red (Citadel). For this I use a size 8 brush.
An Image

Next wash him with Badab Black (Citadel). For this I used a Citadel Large Brush. Remember: no rapid brush movements (it avoids bubbles).
An Image

Then drybrush him with Blood Red (Citadel), with the size 8 brush.
An Image

Followed by a drybrush layer of Blazing Orange (Citadel), again with the size 8 brush.
An Image

And to finish the Red, wash him with Baal Red (Citadel), again with the Cidatel Large Brush.
An Image

More to come, next time:

The White, Metalics and the beginning of fine detail.

Part 2 Here
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