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The main way to get a lot of elves is to get Game Workshop's 'The Warriors of the Last Alliance'. Includes 16 elves of middle-earth!

You can paint your capes in any colour you like! Some people like to stick to a certain colour whereas others (like me) like to alternate colours to keep everything new and fresh if you will. First, paint the cape in Regal Blue/Brilliant Blue, then drybrush it with a 2:1 mixture of white to blue! Either paint the inside cape Brown or simply have it blue all over!

For the manskirt simply follow the same steps as the cape!

For the metal simply paint it all with either Shining Gold or Antique Gold! THATS IT!

chainmail and strap:
For the strap that runs down and under the arms and around the waist anfd the chainmail use Boltgun Metal/Shadowed Steel!

For the bows and quivers do this:
1)Paint the bow in Graveyard Earth/Uniform Brown
2)Paint the quiver like this also and paint the Elven runes in Shining Gold/Antique Gold!
For the swords do this:
1)Paint the blade Boltgun Metal/Shadowed steel
2)Paint the pommel in Chainmail/Honed Steel
3)The grip looks good in Graveyard Earth/Uniform Brown

The gloves are simply painted with Bestial Brown/Intense Brown

The face is quite easy. Some people get away with using dwarf flesh but follow this and get better results:
1)Apply Elf Flesh/Rosy Highlight to the face
2)Add GW's Orgryn Flesh wash to the face when dry and make sure not to add too much!

Well there you have it! I will add a basing tutorial up very soon! I hope you enjoyed my quick n dirty high elf!!! BYE!!!!

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@catkitten: Thanks so much means a lot! sub for a sub?

catkitten (Over a year ago): - delete
looks good, like how you have alternatives to other companies. 5*****

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sorry its here. i had to fix something

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were is the tutorial?

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This is a little tutorial showing you how to paint lord of the rings elves 'quick n dirty' (original! lol). It will also talk a lot about colour schemes so enjoy!

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