How to cut bubbly kind of styrofoam

Everybody know it. You want to make a nice terrainpiece and you go to your workstation and you think:"Damm! I've got only the bubbly kind of stryofoam"(For examble from the last DVD player or anything else).
Then you look in your pocket and you notice that you have no money because you bought 2 or 3 packs of minitures with your last money.

Cheer up! There are ways to cut the bubbly styrofoam. I will show two ways the first one is by using a knife the second one is to use a hot wire.

1. The normal knife/razorblade
For this way you need: bubbly styrofoam, a ruler, and a very sharp razorblade

I know you think:"bubbly styrofoam can't be sharped very clean". "But you can"!

You take the sharp knife and drag up and down along the ruler the ruler is only for straight lines). It is important to use the hole blade because the point of the knife don't cut in a clear way. Take the hole blade in a 180° angle. So that the full knife contact at the same time with the styrofoam. Don't push the knife down because there is the risk of breaking the styrofoam. Drag smooth up and down and the styrofoam will be cut. Another tip from me: cut short distances because by long distances the edge may go runnig ugly.

2. Hot wire
The hot wire is a alternative way to cut styrofoam. You take a normal wire and jam it on two sites with batteries. Attention! This way of cuttung is dangerous. Don't touch the wire. It's like touching a socket.

To cut the styrofoam you have to drag the wire through the styrofoam. It's like cutting warm butter by a knife.

I hope may tipps can help all of you.

PS: Sorry for my bad English.

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