Great Buys May 2010

A regular segment for More Dakka 101 is Great Buys. Whenever one of us comes across something at a really good price, we like to let you know.

May seems to be the month of bargains as Rob manages to find some Great Buys. What was supposed to be an unboxing video turns out to be something else entirely.

As you can tell from the date on the title this is an older video. For the latest vids you can always come visit us over on our youtube channel.

PS We apologize for the poor video quality. The camera is an old point and shoot still camera and doesn't do a very good job.

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draugia (Over a year ago): - delete

MoreDakka101 (Over a year ago): - delete
@impiralgay Yeah sorry about the video quality. Such is life when it comes to a bad camera and having to compress the video.
@xtroopers I still play Atari 2600 and NES games so picking up old games when they're really cheap is a regular thing for me LOL

xtroopers9 (Over a year ago): - delete
played crimson skies. It was a great game, but now im on the 360

impiralgay (Over a year ago): - delete

legonid (Over a year ago): - delete

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When you find something cheap, you share it with the world.

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