Goblin Doom Diver

Hello everyone. When miniwargaming decided to hold a painting contest for the new release of Warhammer Fantasy I thought to myself, what a perfect chance to get off my butt and paint up some of the hundreds of minis I had just picked up used for real cheap.

I had originally wanted to enter into each category but it seems that a month goes by really fast. In fact, it went by so fast that I didn't quite get this entry completed. But, it's about 1 day away from completion and I'll be at work so I don't forsee me being able to spend any more time on the minis.

So here's the pics I took. Let me know what you think. I apologise for some of the images as they aren't the best.

Picture 1
An Image
This is the doom diver as I received it when I bought it. Bad paint job and all.

Picture 2
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First step was to take all the pieces apart.

Picture 3
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Time to remove all the paint using simple green. Please note that I also cleaned the paint of a shaman, a giant and a unit of orcs so this step was quite long.

Picture 4
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This is what everything looks like cleaned off. Much better

Picture 5
An Image
All clean I pin almost everything. I also had to change the hole on the flying goblin as there was something stuck in his belly. I drilled the hole in his... ummmm... bottom

Picture 6
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With everything put together they get primed with some grey wet dry sandable primer. It's an ok primer but there are much better out there.

Picture 7
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Everything gets painted and based with sand. Goblins get a goblin green for their skin while rope, leathers etc. get various browns and the doom diver itself gets Reaper Muddy Brown. Everything gets a wash of Chestnut ink to give it a browny red tone which is then followed up by a wash of Reaper Muddy Brown watered down.

Picture 8
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The doom diver didn't have a base so I decided to make one out of 0.60" plasticard.

Picture 9-11
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I decided I didn't want everything attached to the base so I added magnets to it. Followed by the minis...
An Image

An Image

Picture 12-13
FINISHED PIECE... well mostly. Like I said, I ran out of time for more work.
An Image

An Image

Pictures 14-17
And some closeups of all the individual models for your viewing pleasure.
An Image

An Image

An Image

An Image

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DMJackal (Over a year ago): - delete
Nice paint job. I love the Doom Diver, it is one of my favorite models in the Orc and Goblin range.

Simple Green is simply amazing for removing paint imho.

acantho (Over a year ago): - delete
I used simple green. It works amazingly well on metal minis with as little as 24 hours of soak time. A toothbrush to wipe off the paint. I usually do it three times over the course of 3 days and on the last day after the brush has removed as much as it can, I use a hard tool like a modeling knife to scrape anything leftover or that's in the cracks.
It works on plastic minis too but I have found that the primer layer (even if not actual primer) is extremely hard to remove, if at all, if it was applied properly.
Before simple green many people used brake fluid... yep the same stuff you use for your car.
Hope that helps.

Random-40k (Over a year ago): - delete
thats a nicely painted model. Love them . And could you please tell me the name of the paint remover you used, the ones ive tried dont do a very good job at all. Thanks and 5/5

xTHExWIZxKIDx (Over a year ago): - delete
Nice 5/5

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A Goblin Doom Diver from start to finish for the Miniwargaming Warhammer Fantasy painting contest.

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