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Published on: Feb 10, 2017

golf game add on to 40k

GAME: Warhammer 40k

TYPE: Fun Randomness

For far to long we have not had a good game that did golf. for the table top.the only requirements to play is that you have to be a HQ or a independent character .

for the purpose of simplifying the idea i have limited it down to 4 clubs: putter 1d6, wedge 2d6, iron 4d6, and driver 6d6 this is a pool of dice to roll .

for the purpose of having a ball use krak grenades as the golf ball fallow all the rules for the item . if a krak grenade falls in one inch of an enemy ball. the ball that was sitting on the ground explodes add one stroke to the players ball that exploded.

scattering the ball
this is a combination of the blood bowl system of using a 1d8 and a standard scatter die
direct hit do not scatter
arrows 2d6 - BS + d8 + S

the A gives us the ability to add more dice and is counted as a swing of a golf club. the WS and BS gives as a base for our ability to use the to hit chart during this time looking at the chart we also get the length of how far we have hit. BSĀ² is used with a 1d8 scatter in witch how far it has curved for landing a ball . S we get extra inches to the hit . I when ever you are at hitting the ball you may take a initiative test's to remove S from the hit.

lets say im playing commander farsight and I"m going to putt i use my one dice for my putter and add in my four dice from my attack so i now have five dice in witch i have to make a putt of 8 in to the hole "i roll 6,6,4=16+5 inches". i take a initiative test's for each dice to reduce the total strength of +5 to a -5 per of the players ball movement . the roll now read i roll 1,1,4=6

driving the ball 4+4+5+6+5+5+6+5 when driving and you meet hit cart requirements you may remove the fours from the roll the flight of the ball may never exceed 48 inches during a game .

size of table
4x4 par 4
4x6 par 6

for the purpose of making a hole use use adjective markers for start and one for the hole.

terrain rules
if blocked 100% by terrain -20 inches to hit . if blocked by 25% -10 to hit .

hazard terrain
craters are counted as bunkers -6 to hit.
Citadel Wood -7 inches to hit.
terrain that consists of water if hit or scattered in add 1+ to stoke.

weather table
alternate players that roll 2d6
11 22 33 44 55 66 - pick off weather table
12 21 31 41 51 61 - light rain roll -1d6 inches for all hits
13 23 32 42 52 62 - tyranid ground hogs note 1
14 24 34 43 54 64 - perfect day to golf
15 25 35 45 56 65 - random wind direction note 2
16 26 35 46 56 63 - flying geese note 3

note one
per the par of the hole spawn as many ground hogs"Tyranid Hormagaunt " in the center of the field deep strike rules per model if spawned off the course go in to on going reserves and spawn in the next hole. they really love the ball and will move the the closest ball if in one inch the ball explodes add a stroke.

note two
use a scatter die and roll 2d6 add to the length traveled "ignoring direct hit re roll" if the arrow directly points to the starting location - to the hit.

note three
do to a live fire training add more craters to the field 1d6.

What input or choices do I make?

1 to start pick a HQ or a independent characters per game

2 roll for weather/wind is per hole

3 choice of golf club

4 roll dice/ determine the length of the hit

5 mod the dice rolled if the player wants

6 scatter the ball

go back to 3

note 2 is per hole

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