Ghost Ark

Hi artist666 here,

I don't have any photos of the ghost arks because I built two for a friend at a local gw on release day and didn't bring a camera. So when I unboxed it the first thing that struck me was the size of the instruction sheet. It is like half the size of a twister mat. So I continued to find that there are only three sprues. One for the back crescent part and two Identical sprues for the arc and warriors.

One thing I would recommend is read the instructions carefully, I have built an arachnorok spyder without instructions but this thing was just overkill with small parts and the way they fit together.

So I had no issues with the first few steps but when you have to put together the driver there are spines that come off his back that are supposed to attach to the back crescent. I found it was easier to build the chair and attach it then put the guy in and line up the spines and put the arms on after the control panel was in. After that it is a bunch of simple attachments that go around the guy. So that was the main back assembly.

For the arc it is easy just cut out the arc pieces and glue the two halves together. You will have six full arc ribs. Now what I realized while dryfitting was that they all have a concave and convex side to each rib. Make sure you dryfit to the back assembly so there are no gaps in-between the ribs. From there put the gun holders in-between each arc and glue them together. I found it was easier to put the warriors in after by just sliding them into place.

While connecting the arc to the back on the first one I used just plastic glue and it was a nightmare, it didn't hold well and was an awkward position to try and find a resting place, so on the second I put super glue on two sides and plastic glue on the rest. This held it strong right away. As for the guns if you want them pointing straight out of the sides, lean the arc toward the side of the guns then attach them and rest the blade tip on the table then, let that dry then tilt on the other side and do those guns, that should make the guns point straight out of either side if done properly. Also on the flying base I found that it never balances perfectly but stays up.

Hope this helps anyone with troubles or questions.

(Also the way the ribs fit you could combine two packs to make a limo arc that is twice as long, just a thought.)

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is that better boofus

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your article needs more "white space" i.e. paragraph formats and indentation where appropriate.

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Just saying things I found about the model.

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