Hi everybody. Here is a short tactica on how to more effectively use a mob of flashgitz.

Some people say flashgitz perform the same role as lootas but they are wrong. Flash gitz present a very different situation on the battle field. Here are some things to aknowledge about flash gitz:

1. They have the same stats. as a nob, so they are very flexible.

2. They are a good deal! Think about it, a nob is 20 points, then add 5 for 'eavy armour right? then add 3-5 for snazzgunz, then add 2-3 for gitfindaz. That's around 30 points, but instead they are 25.

3. The gitfindaz are S5 R24" assualt 1 and AP D6! That means they could have any AP value!

Now here are some actual tactics.

First off, these guys are the kinds of units you shove in the opponent's face because they are good at range, and at assualt. They also are resiliant with a 4+ save and 2 wounds each. You might want to target heavily armoured units, because you could always get lucky and roll a low AP value. Also take advantage of gitfindaz. This allows you to measure before you declare a target, so even if a desirable unit looks to far away just check to see if you can shoot it.

Here are some possible upgrades:

1. More Dakka: This is a 5 point per model upgrade and makes the snazzgunz assualt 2. This is a very useful upgrade to give them against large number armies like nids or gaurd to shoot before you assualt.

2.Shootier:This is a 5 point per model upgrade that ups the strength to six. This is not that useful of an upgrade unless you plan on targeting a lot of light vehicles or monstrous creatures.

3.Blastas: This is a 5 point per model upgrade and it allows you to subtract one from your AP rolling, but makes the weapon gets hot. I would only take this in concert with More dakka to deal out more low AP shots. Also take it against marines.

4.Ammo runts: Always take ammo runts!!!!!!

Now finally Kaptin Baddruck. He is a very pricey unit for the orks, but if you play him right it is well worth the 135 points. He has a powerful weapon that is called Da rippa. It is S7 R24 AP2 and assualt 3, so when firing he can really punch a hole through space marines. Also he counts as having 3 ammo runts, and those are aside the ones allowed by his unit. He has a 3+ save which is almost unheard of in an ork army and he has a 5+ invulnerable save. He is good and assualt and is overall a good unit to have if you always go for the elites and the enemies big units.

Remember! The key thing with gitz is to always assualt after you shoot! It always works!

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Xephen (Over a year ago): - delete
I appreciate this tactica article because it's the first time I've actually seen someone talk about how to use flashgitz instead of just wasting our time saying they suck (usually in a 15 minute video). In my opinion, everything in the Ork codex has a function. Sure, sometimes a certain unit isn't at good at killing compared to another; that doesn't mean it sucks. Everything has a use, even if it's a support or distraction role, it can still be useful if played right. As to why people don't like flashgitz, what I've found is that certain people can only handle so much randomness. For example, some people love the shokk attack gun, some people hate it because they think it is unreliable. The flashgitz are another one of those units that are kind of random, so it would make sense that certain people could accept the unit as reliable enough and others could not.
Thanks again for the tactics.

Skarshak (Over a year ago): - delete
Its not that the Gitz suck, its just that they are really over priced when compared to everything else in the Ork dex! While the Gitz are good at what they can do, i've found i can do more with the points spent else where... if there is anything to be tweaked in the dex, it's the Flash Gitz.

Good Tactica

Gorefangz (Over a year ago): - delete
yo flash gitz are not very useful but i have used em and they worked quite well. but thats onlly because i was playing one of those dark angel terminator armies and i rolled 5 turns of 1s for ap and the other turn i rolled a 2. so it worked quite well. they made back their points MANY times. but still. i got soooooooo lucky with that.

kcajrenreb (Over a year ago): - delete
That is one of the most general generalizations I have ever heard.

gorkamorka (Over a year ago): - delete
Dude flashgitz simply suck.

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