First 5 of a 10 man death company

These are the first 5 models I've painted in nearly 18 years. Inspired by dave's blood angels I in tend to get a 1000 point army painted up by the end of next month. Thank again to the staff ay MWG for refiring my love for wargaming and a big shout out to watchingpaintdry some of the best painting vids i've seen keep up the good work paul.

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Mathius (Over a year ago): - delete
Thanks guy, it great to have constructive, the pic's don't show it but i did try the edge highlighting, i'll try and put some others up which are a little better. thanks again for the good feed back but its all down to pauls vids from watchingpaintdry and MWG.

HaWior (Over a year ago): - delete
Fine beautiful paint job. 5/5
You could drill holes into for the gun barrels. Or paint a little black dot in the middle.

SteelHalo (Over a year ago): - delete
Black can be a hard colour to pull off, but i think you've done well!

zijn4357 (Over a year ago): - delete
It can be a bit improved but it's already a good paintjob. If you will use those miniatures to play, you can stop here 'cose it's better than tabletop paint quality, if it's to expose, few things could be increase (add a lighter green layer in the corner of the eyes lens) , add brown paint highly diluted on the sand of your base + paint the border of the base in brown maybe? Fine orange highlights could be added on the extremities of : your shoulder pads' red borders and red X edges of the chainsword (like you did with the grey highlights on the black armor) . Anyway I wish you good continuation and happy wargaming!

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the first of my blood angels army, be kind its my first time posting...

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