finished nurgle terrain/display board!!!

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hey so yah this is my big project from january to febuary 2011. i hope that the slightly smaller pictures then my other content helped the blurriness of the photos.

now the big news i told you about in my goblin shamen article.

I won a part of my local GWs painting competition called the artificier cup and im going on the plaque of notable painters which they call the artificiers plaque!!

ok so yah hope you like and please subscribe and rate and comment and all that jazz.
thank you

P.S. if you want to see me paint a model from orks tell me and ill tell you if i can. dont be afraid to ask ecause u think i might not have it. i have 8000 points so chances are i do have it. but just saying now i dont have ghazkhull!

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nicknoo (Over a year ago): - delete

khani (Over a year ago): - delete
this is awesome

Gorefangz (Over a year ago): - delete
lol squig bombs. sadly i dont have them. i never bothered to get tankbustas because they are shit. they dont have tank hunters and their rockits arent twin liked and they have to shoot at a vehicle even if it is out of charge range.

wilhelmkingspeak (Over a year ago): - delete
Squig Bombs

Zhanke (Over a year ago): - delete

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finally finished tell me what yah think

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