Eldar Guardians

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hettar (Over a year ago): - delete
use the guardians to hold back objectives, just 10 with a support platform

Kassius (Over a year ago): - delete
If you ever want to use guardians, buy an Avatar and use guardians as a living shield for your other units
The color scheme is really nice, but I would put some washes, as Greystoke said

Fionnvar (Over a year ago): - delete
there are always something how a painter can improve. I just like the vid and would enjoy playing with them.

captaingallas (Over a year ago): - delete
@Greystoke: I agree, details are a bit vague here and there. But it might also be the lighting and close-up, IMO they look better on the table top.

It take more paintingskills than I have at the moment to make the models look just as good when zoomed in and shown in HD.

Greystoke (Over a year ago): - delete
color scheme is good. bases are great. Armor might need a wash though;hard to see the detail sometimes.

captaingallas (Over a year ago): - delete
@Fionnvar: Thank you!

Fionnvar (Over a year ago): - delete
beautiful, especially the bases

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captaingallas's Avatar Author: captaingallas
Added: July 19, 2012
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My first unit of Eldars. Any tactical advice of how to use Guardians best in 6th ed. is welcome! :)

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