EBC - Grey Knights vs Necrons Batrep - 1850 Part 3/3

Again sorry for the repost, we had to re submit all our videos to our new partnered channel.

In this final installment, we'll see the last of the Grey Knights and Necrons in action. Can the Deathstar pull off a win after losing most of it's forces? Does Coteaz have what it takes to command his army to victory? Or will the resilient metal robots reanimate their way through the constant onslaught of the Paladins? Watch and find out!

Every Bit Countz is a commission painting & conversion service in the Metro Detroit area. We strive to bring you top notch paintjobs and conversions at an affordable price. We're also here to bring you loads of tabletop gaming videos for you to enjoy, including battle reports! Although our main focus is Warhammer 40k, our team also consists of players trained in the art of other tabletop games. Please feel free to send us questions & feedback to everybitcountz@gmail.com. Game on!

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EveryBitCountz (Over a year ago): - delete
@IspepXam: Thanks a lot we are glad you enjoyed it! Ben actually made the table, but we did not make the terrain. You are spot on correct about what t terrain he was made out of, the rocky stuff is the pink foam,easily dry brushed and flocked, and most of the ruined buildings if not all were foamboard and drybrushed. We will be sure to make some terrain videos in the future though. Thanks again for watching!

IspepXam (Over a year ago): - delete
Nice Battle Report guys. I did like the commentary from you all - good to see the way you work with each other to make jokes and show where you went wrong.
The models and terrain were nice too - was the rocky terrain made from dense foam and the ruined buildings from foamboard? Would be nice to see some more vids showing terrain making...

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Part 3/3 of our GK vs Necrons 6th ed batrep. See how the battle ends! Will Coteaz lead his Deathstar of Paladins to victory or will the Resilient Necrons march to a win.

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